2016 kitchen countertop trends

Quarta movement is certainly a pattern that’s doing the popular granite. Homeowners love engineered stone countertops simply because they’re durable, that also implies that they’re resilient against scratches, stains as well as heat. An additional benefit is they require hardly any maintenance. I’ve outlined a couple of from the specific quarta movement stone brands you’ll be seeing much more of in 2016.

Silestone: Silestone quarta movement arrives on the top among the most durable from the group. They’re very non-porous and virtually resist all spills and stains. Although it won’t contain the same natural appearance of granite, Silestone is available in many fashionable and eye-catching styles.

Caesarstone: While Caesarstone comes in several colors, there aren’t as numerous options to select from when compared with Silestone. Based on what you are, this may be a bad or good factor. You’ll be having to pay a little more than you'd for Silestone, however that’s because you then have a wider number of edge profiling and edging selection.

IceStone: Founded in 2003, IceStone comes with an advantage over the competition. They’re a business which has taken and redirected 13 million pounds of waste glass from landfills and developed an uncompromising balance of design and sustainability. As well as their effort isn’t going undetected. Their product, QuartzStone, is really a beautiful choice for any kitchen. The countertop is renowned for its low ecological impact, safe manufacturing process and product consistency.

Butcher Block

Classic Butcher Block & Wood

Wood and countertops with earthy elements are trending directly behind Quarta movement nowadays. Designers and kitchen remodelers are incorporating wood past the floors to places such as the countertops, both in transitional and modern kitchens.

Wood is simple around the eyes and brings a sentimental and homey feeling for your kitchen, that is sometimes what’s missing inside a modern design. Consider installing a benchtop having a natural grain or pattern.

Butcher block countertops are suggested for cutting and chopping. It’s an attractive countertop selection that appears great combined with other designs and materials. Another advantage of the wood is the fact that, whether it chips or burns, you are able to gently sand the scratch or burn and apply mineral oil to have an easy fix


Upscale Laminate

Surprisingly, laminate continues to be making its distance to kitchens everywhere, however this time by having an upgraded and polished look. Upscale laminate enables you to obtain the look of an costly material in a lower-cost.

Get creative with laminate and you may recreate modern, butcher block or luxurious countertops. While laminate countertops are extremely low maintenance, keep in mind that they’re not heat-resistant and therefore are more susceptible to scratches and chips. Regardless if you want it or otherwise, one factor we all do know without a doubt, is they’re trending.



Concrete might not be for everybody, but individuals who embrace it are designing beautiful kitchen countertops for his or her homes. These components carefully resembles slabs of gemstone. While concrete counters could be custom-designed, they are doing need regular sealing. Precast counters come fully smoothed and polished, so don’t be worried about them searching untidy. Since you may have suspected, cracking is really a major concern for house owners with concrete countertops.



Stainless is better noted for being able to brighten up appliances. Well, the materials are also gaining recognition in the kitchen area countertop department. It might not surprise you to definitely hear that stainless is durable and resilient to almost everything, even bacteria.

These custom-made countertops play nicely with hot pans, are awesome within the summer time and work nicely in contemporary and modern settings. The good thing is they’ll help make your kitchen look bigger due to their reflective qualities! They’re pretty, but a bad fit for everybody. Some homeowners think they appear cold, plus they’re not the best choice for those rough and careless when cooking and dealing in the kitchen area.


Tile & Backsplashes

Tile could be installed like a kitchen countertop, a portion of the wall or like a backsplash. This man-made materials are versatile that makes it fun and easy to obtain creative with patterns and colors. Mosaics and recycled or hands-colored tiles will brighten and spice up your kitchen area.

Tile is simple around the wallet and it has the potential of being a DIY project. Glazed ceramic is resistant against heat stains, scratches and moisture. The frustrating part about tile is it can nick or crack pretty easily, so that as a lot of you realize, the grout must be routinely cleaned to prevent stains and mildew.


  • The thinner the countertop, the greater.
  • Textures have been in.
  • The most powerful kitchen design trend is definitely an open layout (a clear look with couple of curves).
  • It’s increasingly present with install two sinks in separate regions of your kitchen area with regards to dual work zones.
  • Transitional kitchens win simply because they allow easy flow in one place to another (think approximately contemporary and traditionalOrcontemporary). A kitchen area island is essential with this particular design.
  • Color palettes feature lots of neutrals—grays, blacks, and whites—with a white-colored kitchen still typically the most popular.
  • A bold color for the range hood, interesting hardware, a distinctive backsplash, colored cabinets and classy materials and textures have been in.


There aren't only stylish kitchen countertop options trending in 2016, but additionally affordable ones. Installing new countertops or remodeling your kitchen area is a huge project. You want to make certain you’re fully informed from the latest developments in kitchen counters prior to making any big decisions. So, exactly what do you consider the 2016 kitchen countertop trends? We’d like to hear your comments and reactions below!

Ready for any change inside your kitchen? Consult and among our expert kitchen and countertop contractors to allow them to make you stay trendy!

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