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Caution: granite versus. man-made countertops - - columbia, sc Rico de Paz dabbed

(Columbia) Sept. 25, 2002 – With regards to countertops, so many people are searching at man-made stone, offered under names like Silestone, Zodiaq and Avanza. Prices start at approximately $50 a sq . ft ., similar to granite, but choosing the right countertop depends upon your requirements, taste and budget.

At warehouses those who are remodeling their kitchens choose the slab of granite they need for his or her countertop, and every piece is exclusive.

Some kitchen design stores sell a guy-made alternative known as engineered stone which will come in a variety of colors and it is uniform to look at. Unlike granite, engineered stone doesn’t have to become sealed periodically.

To check how good both engineered stone and granite countertops resist stains Consumer Reports’ Rico de Paz dabbed on chocolate along with other foods, including mustard, grape juice, vinegar, a tea bag and occasional.

Despite 24 hrs the person-made stone was simple to clean having a couple of wipes having a wet sponge, however the granite, especially around the unsealed side, stained badly. De Paz states the more such things as coffee stains remain, the more serious the get. Even sealed granite can stain if spills aren’t easily wiped up rapidly.

Another test checked how good the surfaces endure if something is dropped in it. Unlike granite, the person-made stone chipped around the edges and it is much more vulnerable in the corners. Other tests demonstrated it is also broken with a knife, something that doesn’t happen with granite.

Anybody evaluating granite with man-made stone may have to consider on clean-up versus durability. Consumer Reports also tested other kinds of countertop surfaces laminate, for example Formica, solid surfaces, for example Corian, in addition to wood and porcelain tile. The stone countertops, granite and man-made, did better overall.

by Judi Gatson

published 6:00pm by Chris Rees

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