Countertop comparison – gemstone versus. engineered stone

With regards to selecting bathroom or kitchen countertops, quarta movement is a well-liked choice. Whenever you watch do it yourself shows, though, most everybody is speaking about granite as if it’s the only real choice. Is quarta movement the best choice or would gemstone like granite be much better? Each option has its own benefits. Prior to making your final decision, you might like to perform a countertop comparison. Both granite and quarta movement are some of the most durable solid surfacing materials. Explore the advantages of each and select the one which will be perfect for your way of life.


Advantages of Granite

Granite, a well known gemstone countertop material, is both stylish and stylish.


A granite countertop either in your kitchen or even the bathroom can certainly become the focus from the space. Its natural splendor instructions attention, drawing your skills into it when you initially go into the room.

No matter if it’s a conventional bathroom or perhaps a modern kitchen – granite is exclusive and constitutes a statement. Like snowflakes, no two slabs are identical. For any truly spectacular look, you are able to complement your countertops having a gemstone floor or backsplash.

Durability and strength

Countertops of granite can endure the everyday demands from the kitchen while keeping its color and luster. When correctly sealed to safeguard against damage and spills, a granite countertop may last an eternity.

While granite is powerful, it may be porous. Once sealed, it will likely be more resistant against acids and alkalis in addition to scratches as well as heat. It must also be resealed periodically.


Due to its durability and sweetness, granite countertops can increase the value of your kitchen area or bath, consequently, contributing to your home’s value. Even if you’re not presently intending to sell your house, it is usually a sensible practice to create enhancements or upgrades which will increase your home’s value.

Sealing extends the existence of granite or any gemstone. Correctly looked after, it’ll look as beautiful because the day it had been installed years from now.

Bathrooms and kitchens are two greatest selling points when selling a house. Installing high-finish countertops produced from gemstone could be among the wisest investments you may earn in your house, adding attract interested buyers.

Advantages of Engineered Stone

Frequently known as quarta movement, engineered stone may give a better description of the countertop material. It consists of quarta movement crystals coupled with resin which binds them together to create a solid surface.


Engineered stone slabs frequently mimic the texture and color of natural granite and slate. With increased consistency in hue, they are doing don’t have the variations that exist in gemstone. The colour is principally produced from the quarta movement itself but could be enhanced with dyes or any other colorants to attain a particular shade.

Some might like the variations of gemstone and feel it adds character in addition to beauty, engineered stone will give you a wealthy, uniform color which will suit your entire space perfectly.

Durability and strength

Engineered stone is very hard, almost comparable to granite. If correctly installed, it’s less prone to cracks or fractures than granite or slate. Even though it is scratch as well as heat resistant, using trivets and cutting boards is definitely suggested.

Gemstone countertops have pores and fissures. This will make them more porous than engineered stone, departing and chance for liquid to enter departing behind stains and bacteria that may be difficult to eliminate.

Quarta movement countertops really are a solid surface free from pores and fissures, and supply a simple and finish cleanup. Their potential to deal with bacteria and stains will keep them searching better longer and help with kitchen and food safety.


Not really high-finish as gemstone, engineered countertops can continue to add value in addition to beauty to your house. Upgrading from old, worn-out or inferior countertops can enhance the need for your house while supplying beauty and simple maintenance.

Countertop Comparison Results

Both natural and engineered stone each their very own advantages with regards to countertops, the best choice depends upon your individual taste and lifestyle.

When you are performing a countertop comparison for your house, you have to choose which features tend to be more vital that you you. Are you currently searching for top-finish elegance? Or are you currently more worried about the simplicity of everyday maintenance?

When choosing your solid surfacing, make sure to have paint, tile and cabinet stain samples on hands to really make the perfect choice.

There’s no obvious cut wrong or right option when selecting between natural or engineered stone.  Having all the details when you are performing a countertop comparison will help you to make an educated decision and select a countertop which will perform best for your family.

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Granite vs Gemstone | Countertop Comparison


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