Countertops – the centerpiece of kitchen renovations

The contender to granite tops is Wood. Built from bits of hardwood laminated along with glue for strength and stability, they offer a hot, organic landing surface inside a kitchen, one that’s wonderfully forgiving, gentle on dishware, capable to absorb the noise of the busy household.   Nearly all wood countertops are manufactured from traditional butcher block, even though they might see some mild meal prep, they’re rarely employed for chopping nowadays.

Pros – Wood could be elevated if broken whether it will get dinged, stained, or gouged, you are able to refinish it.  The number of forest available is impressive, from subtly grained walnut to deep, wealthy walnut.  Wood offers warmth towards the stainless appliances present in many kitchens.  It helps absorb the noise of the busy household.

Cons – Wood is a great choice, however it does require some care & attention like sealing to keep it clean, as it is a really porous material.  Wood countertops  are prone to stains, cuts and burns. Another concerns of wood countertops that proprietors have are bacteria contamination, and warping and cracking from the wood.

Engineered Stone

For a lot of homeowners their preference is Engineered Stone.  The word engineered stone” is simply a technical term that describes the mixture of crushed gemstone along with a resin binder.  Engineered stone is usually more powerful in versatility and hardness, and fewer porous, than gemstone.  It is more resistant against mildew and mold then traditional stone. Uniformity in structure provides it with strength, whereas, gemstone could have fissures, cracks, or weaknesses in structure. You will find not really many negatives connected with engineered stone.

Engineered Stone CountertopEngineered Stone Countertop

Pros – Non-porous and highly resistant against stains, feels and looks like stone, but doesn’t require all of the upkeep, simple to keep clean and maintain,  plenty of patterns and colors and there’s uniformity within the entire surface, resistant against heat and scratches.

Cons– Could be costly.

Marble Countertops

Lastly, we’ll offer a choice of Marble countertops. Marble is really a rock that changes from the original, form (within this situation, limestone or dolomite rock) to marble under severe pressure as well as heat. This distinctive facet of marble–the veining–is caused by impurities within the original limestone. Under extreme pressure as well as heat, the initial materials completely re-crystallize. The purest marble is white-colored, the kind that Renaissance artists created into statues.

Marble Counter

Pros– Fancy Details – Marble countertops could be fabricated to possess fancy ogee edges because of the gentleness and overall workability of marble.  Decent Durability – Despite marble’s natural “softness,” it’s still with enough contentration to resist high traffic.  Resists Heat – It’s a perfect work surface since it is heat resistance, lending itself well to kitchen use.

Cons –  The price, Scratches tend to be of the problem with polished marble. Because of its gentleness or porosity, it is also vulnerable to staining, particular foods, especially around the acidic side, can lead to permanent stains. Sealing the marble countertop and checking up on sealing regularly (usually yearly) aids in preventing staining.

The popularity is coming back for that kitchen because the heart of the house.  Hi-tech could be the order during the day for appliances,  lighting etc… however,  there has been kitchens end up being the primary gathering spot for family and buddies, as with the past.  When thinking about your remodel,  give it  a “welcome feel” inviting your visitors to stay in and share their lives because they share meals.


KITCHEN DESIGN TIPS: Choosing Your Countertop & Backsplash Materials


Karla Dreyer Design: Great tips!

Howard Quan: Does no one use Corian/ Solid Surface as countertops anymore?

Kate Lim: it's quartz nowadays, i see folks using butchertop or soapstone too but yes solid surface is out (for kitchens).

Howard Quan: Yeah, I am all for quartz. Not so much butchertop or soapstone though, probably choose Corian over those 2 for sure.

rneustel: Can you please, please, please tell me the brand of the laminate countertop in the matte white marble look?

rneustel: +House and Home Thank you. I live in the U.S., but I should be able to find it here in Pennsylvania, I would think.

Random Musings: rneustel Hi, I know I'm a little late, but, the laminate with the marble pattern looks like Formica 180x calacatta marble. It it can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. A friend of mine has it in her house and it is really nice.

chomihai: Quartz

Anila Khattak: marble

MaineMama101: Wilson arts hydra quartz