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Contributed by Shawna Feeley, Lead Designer for Mister Development

The dream would be to have gorgeous solid slab stone countertops, but a realistic look at maintenance and staining that is included with gemstone, particularly marble and limestone, could be worrisome. Enter engineered quarta movement countertops made from roughly 95% quarta movement. Another 5% is a combination of polymer resins and coloring making it scratch, stain, heat and nick resistant ideal for your kitchen that’s really used. It may also withstand probably the most harmful household fluids for example wine, vinegar, lemon juices, coffee, tea and individuals deeply colored spices that may frequently stain everything they touch. Since it never requires sealing or waxing, quarta movement surfaces are simple to keep clean and maintain.

When man made quarta movement stone first hit the scene within the 90’s, the stain resistant characteristics and sturdiness would be a breakthrough, but regrettably the styles weren’t great. Occasions have altered and the feel of man made stone has changed to contend with current trends. The types of materials now provide solids, honed surfaces and lots of different companies offering exciting new materials worth thinking about. I lately used the stone below around the perimeter countertops at 60 West Parish. They resemble polished concrete and appear fantastic. We used a 2″ thick slab of Carrerra marble around the island and Calcutta marble mosaic around the backsplash and also the looks mix seamlessly.

quartz close upThe price of engineered stone could be slightly greater than marble and granite, however the choices are worth thinking about. Here’s a sampling of some engineered stone designed to seem like marbleAnd has random patterns along with a believable look similar to gemstone.

At Mister Development, we’ve typically constructed with gemstone, however in addressing our homebuyers concerns regarding maintenance and material sustainability, we learned that man made could be beautiful.



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