Granite versus man-made stone

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We love to "BALTIC BROWN" granite for that counter OR CAMBRIA "CANTERBURY".

Main point here answer – what’s best, a granite countertop or man-made stone? And usually does granite are more expensive than man-made stone?


When money isn’t an issue, people install granite more frequently. Luxury home builders install granite countertops way over quarta movement countertops or man-made stone or "engineered" surfaces. And So I suppose, there’s one answer.

However, this inclination is shifting some and there is a lot more towards the equation. Both materials are fantastic selections for a kitchen area countertop, still, you need to consider all variables when deciding which fits your needs.

I cover the important thing factors below and boil it lower to the most crucial consideration.

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Price of Granite Countertops versus. Man-Made Stone

Granite prices span a broader range since several different varieties exist which is an all natural and different product. It’s all regulated demand and supply. Some granite colors are all around yet others not. Many are popular yet others not, so prices follow accordingly.

Installed costs for granite can run from $40 as much as $200 per sq . ft ., but the great majority have been in the $50-$80 range.

Quality of all things can differ too. This is exactly why you will see signs for $25 sq foot. granite… avoid these. You will get cut-rate granite, installation and repair together with surprise "add-on" charges generally.

Man-made stone prices match granite. Typically, man-made stone countertop materials for example Cambria countertops along with other similar quarta movement surfaces (Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiac) have to do with as costly as granite running $45 as much as $120 with many around $60-$80/sq. foot.

"Can you explain that so?", you might ask whenever they can make just as much or less than demand dictates.

Take into account that quarta movement along with other man-made countertop manufacturers would like to lure customers from selecting granite if you attempt to put themselves as equal or better than granite in each and every way.

The controversy has gone out on what’s best, but they’re departing money up for grabs when they don’t charge much like granite.

And really, man-made stone surfaces have several exactly the same costs as granite, for example transporting slabs to promote and storage at local stone warehouses. Granite should be quarried, but quarta movement should be manufactured. In either case carries significant costs.

The ultimate fabrication (cutting the fabric to suit your kitchen) is essentially exactly the same.

Still some particular patterns and colors of Cambria or Silestone or Caesarstone quarta movement countertops could be more or fewer costly much like granite.

Installation variables like edge style, sink, and prepare top cutouts, elevated bar tops and slab thickness, will lead to immediate and ongoing expenses with materials leading to a typical "range" of costs.

So, with respect to the particular colors of granite and man-made stone you’re evaluating, you can find a huge difference in cost in either case… granite greater than quarta movement…. or quarta movement greater than the granite.

Obviously, you have to always compare apples to apples when getting quotes meaning all variables apart from the countertop material itself should be exactly the same.

Quarta movement versus. Granite Maintenance

Ubatuba granite is a superb stone. You might not have to seal it either, but

you need to carry out the test for granite sealing on the sample to be certain.

Man-made quarta movement does not need sealing and it is very stain-resistant. But on the other hand many granite countertops will also be stain-resistant and do not need sealing either. But sealing granite is straightforward if needed.

For practical purposes, the sealing and stain question or comparison isn’t a problem. That’s… there is not always a obvious advantage unless of course you compare a granite that’s very porous and stains easy. There are not many such as this.

General cleaning is basically exactly the same. Utilizing a quality stone cleaner is the best for both granite and/or quarta movement countertops.

Granite will require heat better than man-made stone. Quarta movement may take hot pans pretty much, but the chance of burning quarta movement is larger.

Neither surface will scratch. Both of them are resistant against chemical damage, however, granite will typically tolerate accidental harsh chemical exposure better.

Quarta movement countertops (lighter colors and particularly whites) can be simply discolored by rather common chemicals like bleach.

The main one kicker is the fact that granite can more often than not be repaired while man-made stone damage is frequently permanent, which provides a small edge to granite within this department.

Style: Man-Made Stone versus. Granite Colors

In my tastes and lots of within the design world, quarta movement patterns have a tendency to look very uniform and man-made. Man-made stone does not hold the allure and different colors, depth, textures or patterns of granite.

To become fair, most quarta movement countertop makers have rather lately introduced many new patterns and colors which are a leap beyond their original stylings. Many are truly gorgeous.

So, a larger number of choices using modern and engaging colors with increased "natural" patterns has closed the design and style gap with granite a great deal.

Obviously, color and pattern preference is dependent on personal taste, so there’s no real "champion" within this category with the exception that granite still offers a lot more options.

Main Point Here… That is Best?

Variations, pros, and cons are available, but none of them is important enough to for sure elevate one material within the other.

I understand the need would be to crown a obvious champion and a few marketing messages allow it to be appear as though there’s one, but a goal evaluation reveals otherwise.

Practically speaking, this is an even match.

One factor for several though, is the fact that both man-made stone and granite are towards the top of their email list when evaluating other countertop materials. They are clearly the 2 best choices. Both make excellent kitchen countertops.

When evaluating all factors, man-made stone is slightly less durable/repairable than granite, and so i always lean toward granite.

However, no surface is ideal and potential issues can happen with either material. Or you might go an eternity with no issue.

The best option boils lower to your individual color and pattern preference. And that is victory for you personally.

It is the fun part! You are able to concentrate on patterns and colors and select whichever you have the appearance you like probably the most for the kitchen design.

In the event that perfect granite color, then great… do it now.

But, if your Cambria or any other quarta movement color catches your skills, i then wouldn’t talk you from it and you may relax with full confidence that the quarta movement countertop assists you equally well.

I’d be put off by selecting a white-colored quarta movement countertop as these generally have probably the most issues with stains. Likewise with granite, choose wisely by performing water / fresh lemon juice test to make sure a sturdy, quality slab.

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