How are granite countertops made

How are granite countertops made mid-air

Remember, granite slabs began out as massive chunks of solid stone. Nature never planned to possess granite cut like bread into 3/4″ or 1 1/8″ thick slices. So despite the fact that granite is really a strong, durable countertop, it’s quite fragile until it’s been fabricated and placed on cabinets.

Granite slabs is often as large as (11) eleven ft wide and (7) seven ft tall. They weigh around 1500 lbs. Slabs will always be transported vertically using cranes and forklifts.

Cutting Granite

Granite slabs are reduce individual pieces using large saws with gemstone-coated blades. Since granite is really hard, diamonds are simply the only factor with enough contentration to chop through it.

Cutting granite having a saw leaves an even but unpolished edge. Finding out how to cut granite correctly requires practice and training and costly mistakes.

How You Can Polish Granite

With respect to the degree of automation inside a fabrication shop, the granite edges are performed by machines or by hands.

Huge computerized stone routers (CNC machines) and small hands operated routers are utilized to shape the perimeters of stone into bullnose, ogee, dupont, waterfall, and lots of other granite edge shapes.

The machines can polish the perimeters to ensure they are shine such as the top face from the stone. Shops which do handwork use handheld grinder/polishers with 4″ round gemstone disks to shine edges . . . a genuine art. All jobs are done using water to get rid of dust in mid-air.

Cutouts And Granite Sinks

Sink, cooktop, and faucet holes could be cut using CNC machines or by hands. If the undermount sink will be used, the opening will require its sides polished because the sink won’t cover the edges. See Granite Sinks.

Fabricators noted for quality work will invariably fishing rod the countertops where sinks and cooktops is going to be cut. Quite simply, they switch the tops over, grind two channels before and behind the cutout location.

They glue steel rods within the channels. Rodding Granite tops provides them extra strength for installing as well as for future use.

Final Setup & Granite Installation

How are granite countertops made sides polished

All of the finished tops are put together to resemble the ultimate layout from the granite countertops. The fabrication process typically takes one to two days to have an average kitchen.

The finished countertops are transported to your house, put on cabinets, and glued lower. Some final cutting and polishing might be done on-site. Click granite install to determine how granite counters are set up.

Granite Resurfacing

Granite Transformations states present an “Extremely Durable & Amazingly Simple to Install” option to a conventional granite counter.

Their goods install over your overall counters, splashes, along with other surfaces for example bathroom vanities with no mess, destruction or stress of the traditional granite or gemstone counter install.

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