Kitchen countertop comparison chart – use gemstone

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  • Kitchen Countertop Comparison Chart

    Compare countertop materials. Consider cost, durability, and maintenance.

  • Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops

    When selecting a countertop surface for the kitchen, there are plenty of things to consider. If granite makes it to the peak of the list, go through the content below to find out if it is pros and cons allow it to be great for your loved ones.

  • Granite versus. Marble

    Marble is a growing trend in kitchen countertops within the last many years. Should you compare performance characteristics inside a kitchen atmosphere, granite is the foremost choice.

  • Granite versus. Quartzite

    Granite and quartzite have much the same performance statistics. Quartzite is usually harder and denser and also the pattern is much more like marble that is attractive to many householders.

  • Granite versus. Limestone & Travertine

    Limestone and travertine will etch when uncovered towards the acids and bases contained in many cleaners and customary kitchen ingredients for example vinegar, bleach, citrus, and wine.

  • Granite versus. Onyx

    Onyx isn’t a wise decision for many countertops, however it does alllow for an attractive backsplash. Its beauty and translucence allow it to be appealing, but nonetheless improper.

  • Granite versus. Slate

    Slate slabs are usually less space-consuming than marble and granite so more seams is going to be essential to develop a kitchen project. Actually, many slate quarries are restricted to tile production due to the sizes of functional material which exist.

  • Granite versus. Soapstone

    Soapstone is very soft, which makes it a popular material for that DIY homeowner to be used as countertops. It’s also non-porous so there’s you don’t need to seal it.

  • Granite versus. Porcelain & Sintered Surface

    Two newest countertop surfaces currently available, are Porcelain and Sintered Surface. New technology and learning from mistakes have provided method to material that mimics the feel of natural marble.

  • Granite versus. Hardwood & Butcher Block

    Nothing can beat the heat and traditional charm of butcher block countertops. Many householders are selecting to utilize a mixture of wood and granite, or any other hard surface, within their kitchens.

  • Granite versus. Quarta movement Surfacing

    Quarta movement countertops really are a big trend in the current market. Brands for example Caesarstone, Silestone and Zodiaq can easily be bought in quite a number of colours.

  • Granite versus. Solid Surface

    Common solid surface brands include Corian and Hi-Macs. They are constructed with acrylic and are available in lots of colors.

  • Granite versus. Laminate

    Laminate countertops happen to be extremely popular for a long time since they’re affordable and easily available. You might know them better through the common brand, Formica.

  • Granite versus. Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain Tile countertops were extremely popular within the 70s. In certain parts of the U . s . States, they’re still observed in many homes.

  • Granite versus. Stainless

    Though not common in residential kitchens, you’ve likely seen stainless countertops in commercial settings. They are simple to neat and heat resistant.

  • Granite versus. Concrete

    Concrete countertops were a brief-resided trend in early 2000s. They’re still seen from time to time, though. They’re quite porous as well as with sealer, may be easily stained.

  • Granite versus. Recycled Glass

    “Recycled” is a well-liked term for house owners worried about sustainability. These countertop surfaces are created with glass chips from a number of materials


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