Purposes of granite: countertops, tile, curbing, dimension stone

gem photos

100+ Gems – Photos well over 100 beautiful gems varying in the popular towards the obscure.


Emerald is easily the most popular eco-friendly gem within the U . s . States and the majority of the world.

oil and gas rights

Gas and oil Legal rights: The master of the minerals beneath your land? Who would like to purchase them?


Topaz is a well-liked birthstone and also the #8 mineral within the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Green Gemstones

Eco-friendly Gemstones – emerald, peridot, jade, tsavorite, chrome diopside, chrysoprase, and much more.


Ammolite is really a fossil along with a gem. It’s covering material from fossil ammonites.

The Largest Tsunami!

The Biggest Tsunami! The tsunami using the greatest run-up is at Lituya Bay, Alaska.


Aventurine is translucent quarta movement with small reflective inclusions that leave aventurescence.

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