Top Ten countertop materials, granite, concrete, quarta movement, marble

Top Ten countertop materials, granite, concrete, quarta movement, marble - designs and

Although laminates are usually less costly, gemstone countertops for example granite, marble, onyx, quarta movement and concrete are regarded as stronger adding a more elaborate touch towards the design.

When dealing with a lot of choices in countertop materials, you might want to have a couple of moments to think about the benefits and drawbacks of a few of the products that are offered today. Remember, your bathroom vanity countertop is uncovered to various abrasive chemicals than the usual kitchen countertop. Outside countertops will also be uncovered towards the elements and Nature can be hard on the selection of material.


Concrete counters are a great option to a lot of today’s contemporary choices in countertop design. The concrete could be put in position leading to limitless designs and configurations. Glass, marble, stone, ocean shells, coins or whatever your imagination enables could be embedded right into a concrete countertop.

See a video on polishing concrete using the WerkMaster Scarab

Pros: Unique and customizable solid, ergonomic look heat and scratch resistant could be color-tinted looks exotic and weird new treatments eliminate cracking additives reduce porosity new finishes tend to be more decorative low maintenance could be sealed with ULTRAguard or ULTRAseal. Concrete countertops could be polished utilizing a the WerkMaster Scarab.

Cons: Mid to high range on cost because of custom work cracking can be done look somewhat industrial porous but could be sealed.


Granite is the countertop material that defines elegance and sweetness in the home. Natural great thing about the stone plays a role in the allure and refinement of the most modest bathroom or kitchen.

Pros: Elegant and substantial easily available is available in a variety of almost 3000 colors has unparalleled combination by buyers almost easy to maintain very durable heat tolerant could be sealed with ULTRAseal could be repaired using the Scarab.

Cons: Expensive, but increasingly affordable absorbs stains otherwise sealed requires regular sealing maintenance can crack if stressed or incorrectly installed pricey to correct.


Marble countertops define luxury in the home. Among the best characteristics of marble is the range of color and veining. Laminate and solid surface countertops all make an effort to reproduce natural great thing about marble with mixed results. Due to its very high cost tag, marble isn’t frequently seen as an whole kitchen countertops.

Pros: Beautiful, lavish and permanent waterproof heatproof number of colors and choices quality value by buyers could be sealed with ULTRAguard or ULTRAseal could be repaired using the Scarab.

Cons: Very costly porous stains easily unless of course professionally sealed scratches easily costly to correct needs regular sealing.

Cultured Marble

If you would like the marble look although not the marble cost, a practical and price-effective avenue may be the cultured marble countertop. Cultured marble counters are constructed with crushed marble along with a manufactured thermoplastic resin, put into pre-cast molds to fit your project. Unlike natural marble, the resins in cultured marble lend non-porosity towards the material.  Cultured marble countertops can be found in a gloss or flat finish.

Pros: Benefits of marble take a look at less expensive more stain resistant than natural marble number of colors and choices quality value by buyers could be sealed with ULTRAguard or ULTRAseal could be repaired using the Scarab.

Cons: Expensive porous stains easily unless of course professionally sealed can scratch easily costly to correct needs regular sealing.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone consists of 93% crushed quarta movement particles. The quarta movement is coupled with polymer resins and pigments after which compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. It will come in a bigger selection of colors than granite. Some brands available on the market include LG Viatera®, Cambria Quarta movement, Caesarstone© and Silestone®.

Pros: Looks smooth, neat and elegant nonporous surface resists scratches resistant against stain and acidity easy to look after could be repaired using the Scarab.

Cons: Still relatively costly hard to repair.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are constructed with plastic polymers that don’t have the brilliance and reflectivity of gemstone and therefore are softer than engineered or gemstone counters. The countertops are custom-designed to your specifications by companies for example Avonite®, Corian®, and Swanstone®.

Pros: Non-Porous stain resistant will never need sealing countless patterns and colors seamless anti-microbial.

Cons: Vulnerable to hot pans which can harm the surface could be moderately costly hard to repair.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is easy and durable to wash. Additionally, affordable, and you have an excellent selection of countertops for that average home. Because it’s installed a piece at any given time, it is possible by most ingenious homeowners.

Top Ten countertop materials, granite, concrete, quarta movement, marble - Unlike natural marble, the resins

Pros: Heatproof – takes hot pans scratch resistant lengthy lasting simple to clean number of colors, multiple selections of textures and fashions.

Cons: counter surface is uneven tiles can certainly nick or crack grout lines become stained grout must be sealed frequently custom-designed tiles are extremely costly.

Wood or Butcher Block

Wood countertops provide a beautiful warm look are available in an array of colours and finishes. Hardwoods for example walnut and oak are most frequently utilized as countertop forest. Butcher block counters are extremely popular and therefore are frequently inset into many kitchen countertops.

Pros: easy to wash smooth could be sanded and resealed when needed could be repaired using the Scarab.

Cons: can be broken by water and stains with time scratches should be oiled or sealed based on manufacturer’s instructions.


For any really contemporary and industrial search for your kitchen area, stainless is a great choice. Stainless countertops are heat resistant and sturdy. Because they’re built for your specifications, you’ll have a seamless countertop.

Pros: Stylish heat resistant low maintenance.

Cons: Expensive noisy may dent fabrication is costly you cannot cut onto it.


Laminate counters bear trademarks for example Formica®, Nevamar®, and Wilsonart®. They’re made from plastic-coated synthetics having a fine surface that’s simple to clean. The pieces are cut to size and handle around the ends.

Pros: Easy to set up number of colors easily available low maintenance durable affordable.

Cons: Scratches and chips are nearly impossible to correct seams show finish finishing and front edge choices could be pricey.


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