Brazilian granite is a huge deal!

Brazil QuarryAs lengthy as these kinds of records happen to be stored, South america continues to be the planet leader for conveying gemstone but could you would imagine 1,100,000 metric a lot of granite being shipped towards the US in only twelve months?  Trust me, it’s a great deal.  Possibly to help make the amount a little simpler to understand, it might equal 2.5 billion pounds.  Still difficult to grasp? Okay, the load is roughly comparable to 350,000 Cadillac Escalades! Like I stated, it’s a great deal.  Actually 2014 recorded the biggest quantity of granite imported from the country ever in a single year, and taken into account approximately 50% of granite imported in to the US.  I’m still looking to get my mind around what it really would cost to help keep all individuals Caddies fueled up!

With nearly 70% from the world’s granite countertops originating from South america, it’s frequently considered the granite capital around the globe.  Additionally to granite, South america also mines and exports quartzite and marble. And because the need for homeowners worldwide for gemstone countertops keeps growing, same goes with their exports.

At the start of Brazil’s gemstone conveying days, they’d simply cut a sizable stone and ship it to whichever country it had been destined since the mines didn’t possess the technology nor enough workers using the expertise to correctly cut the stone.  Today, South america has workers who’re easily as skilled as individuals in Italia, and machinery that’s equally good for cutting stone. Gemstone countertops from South america are actually frequently less costly because labor in South america far less pricey when compared with Italia. Using the today’s technology and skilled workers nowadays, natural stone slabs are cut after which shipped, allowing the imperfect bits of a slab to become discarded instead of shipped. Additionally, South america has perfected the skill of gemstone tiles creating little waste and additional keeping costs lower.

Cream Violet

Cream Purple



Every country’s granite differs because of the mineral constitute. Granite consists of feldspar, quarta movement and micas. The quantity and also the colour of these base components, determines the colour, pattern as well as hardness of every particular kind of granite. A mineral known as feldspar is exactly what mainly influences the colour of and pattern from the slab. A few examples from the unique slabs from South america would be the Cream Purple that is a crimson and tan and Crepuscolo also is referred to as Brazilian Sunset due to the orange and red hues.

While you try to decide where your brand-new granite countertops may come from, be confident that when the pattern and color you decide on comes from South america that it’s finely cut by skilled craftsmen. If you want assist with your bathroom or kitchen countertop selection, let our team people know and we’ll gladly assist you to select the best slab for the taste and décor. Contact Modlich Stoneworks at (614) 859-6596 to schedule a scheduled appointment or visit our showroom at 2255 Harper Rd. Columbus, Ohio.


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