Indian stone exports fall as ecological police force bites

The United kingdom buys much more of its stone, particularly granite, sandstone and marble, from India than from the other country, however the sub-continent states exports of their gemstone may have fallen 10-15% in the present financial year (as much as April) as a lot of quarries and processing units have shut because of the lack of raw material caused by stricter enforcement of ecological laws and regulations.

Mr J B Surana, President from the All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA), is reported within the Indian newspaper Business Standard of 6 Feb as saying: “Due towards the enforcement of strict ecological laws and regulations in a number of states, the present granite quarry licences haven’t been restored. Among the large processing and export units in Madurai shut shop lately. The granite and marble sector is facing several limitations in the Central and condition governments.”

He stated an inordinate delay within the grant of quarry leases, insufficient transparency and investor-unfriendly policies from the condition governments had brought to some drastic decrease in exports because the sector has facied a severe lack of raw material.

“The Directorate General of Move has fixed the marble import quota at 600,000tonnes annually from the sector’s need for 1.5million [tonnes] annually. It’s also restricted the import of granites. Very few licences happen to be granted by states within the the past few years. The Karnataka government hasn’t issued just one granite quarry licence inside a decade.”

Karnataka’s share of granite exports has declined to 16% percent from the total exports. 15 years back it taken into account 60%.

“The pause in quarrying because of promise of eco-sensitive zones around nature and wildlife sanctuaries, promise of revenue land as reserve forest, non-renewals of leases, delay in granting fresh leases along with a restrictive export import policy have led to the lack of raw material,” states Mr Surana.

AIGSA has known as around the Indian government to create the import of marble and granite underneath the Open General Licence regime and take away limitations in the amount of marble imports. There are just 600 licence holders among 20,000 processing units. It wants the federal government to declare granite a ‘major mineral’ and permit the domestic tariff area purchase of marble slabs to exporters.

Additionally, it wants the federal government to limit the import of finished goods from China, so it states is dumping huge quantities.

“If we enable the import of finished goods the nation loses $60 a square metre, whereas when we import rough dimensional blocks we must pay $23 a square metre. To enhance the present account deficit, it’s important allowing the import of rough blocks instead of permitting the import of finished goods under OGL.”

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