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Polystone gemstone - who're we The country, Poultry
Over last 4 decades, the household of Mrs May Koh, founding father of the organization focuses on gemstone marble, granite, quartzite, Lava and basalt -stone, sandstone, limestone, onyx, , and semi -precious decorative tiles, particularly in restoration works, typically aged mosaic from around the globe.

We’ve lengthy relationships with suppliers from China, A holiday in greece, Italia, Middle East, The country, Poultry and lots of parts on the planet producing special stone.

She and her team has led to many esteemed projects here and overseas. Over the years, the majority of the primary activities are actually transported out by her daughter Patrina Chew who continues her career within the same field.

To the clients. We could provide understanding, appropriate use of natural stone and it is proper techniques to install. Keeping shine and also to be respected through time. As we view the traditional historic theatre of The Arena di Verona is tiled anyway marble to become a Roman amphitheater that that goes back towards the first century AD. As well as nature marble utilized in Colosseum, evoked the strength of the previous Roman-Empire, nearly 3,000 many years of globally influential art, architecture and culture displayed until today.

By demands from schools, Polytechnic, Universities and institution, a stone workshop will quickly be setup to cater the requirements and individuals within the same fields who would like to upgrade their understanding from the right use of stone and installation technique. We strongly believe that it vital that you support ID – designers achieving harmonies by selecting right material to become at the best place, editing layout plans and workmanship, we help to make a spun sentences which certainly increase living pleasure also enhanced asset of the homes.

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Polystone gemstone - who're we activities are actually transported

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