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Mission Statement

Our goal will be the best of Architects & designers through our ability to help make the most complex designs reality.
We’ll continuously develop new innovations in using gemstone and stoneware.
We continuously get the options and options in using stoneware, installation methods and systems.
Our goal will be the best of Construction managers through our efficient and dependable performance achieved by mixing our working experience using the latest Project management software techniques and quality assurance trails.

A Brief History of PRAXIS

PRAXIS is Gemstone & Stoneware Suppliers, Buyers & Consultants.
Established in 1999, steady growth adopted, built upon a status for prime quality materials through dependable performance.
From all of these beginnings, PRAXIS is continuing to grow right into a major pressure, undertaking esteemed projects around the world.
PRAXIS practical knowledge in every aspect of the Stone Industry.
This selection of experience enables us to supply the appropriate services needed to handle the ever-altering demands of an more and more sophisticated Hospitality Industry.

Every job is handled with discretion and choose to satisfy the designer’s needs and also the buyer’s delivery schedule.
We uphold the customer all the way and ensure the receiving the order based on the terms within our contract.
Current PRAXIS continues to be consistently per hba design consultants for marble, tile and murano for his or her projects in landmass China and our products happen to be acquired and installed through the particular proprietors of 25 hotel projects in china.

Stone & Stoneware Selection & Testing

Correct product selection is essential to the prosperity of any stone project.
A choice regarding selecting a stone involves many factors such as the following
1. The architect’s aesthetic needs (color, texture, size)
2. Physical qualities and sturdiness needs from the stone.
3. Introduction from the Quarry and it is production capacity.
4. Periodic quarrying period.
5. Location from the Building (Weather conditions.)
6. Rough block sizes available, nominal bed heights.
7. Price of Block.
8. Commitments from the quarry with other clients.
9. Color and general visual variation from the stone.
10. Detailed site and production facility surveys.
11. The yield of the quarry can alter very rapidly so an assessment of the quarry ought to be carried out regularly.
12. Our experienced group of Geologists located in Verona, Italia, Xiamen, China and Sao Paulo, South america undertakes quarry evaluations and surveys around the world.


Export Custom house agent procedure part – 1


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Export Import India: +Ayush Nayak This is old video. Now rule has been changed in custom for shipping bill

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CA Snehal Patel: Hi Pariwar,\n\nI am CA Snehal Patel and a CHA based in surat and owner of Dynamic Shipping and Logistics.\n\nYou can Contact me for Import/Export clearance of Rough/Polished Diamonds.\n\nMy contact No. +91 7567366308.

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