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Stone 411 States Dimensional Stone Statistics     


by Jeffrey Matthews November 29, 2016 News Comments

MIA+BSI features a brand new source of importers and exporters of gemstone: natural Stone Supplier-to-Buyer Manual.

Andhra Pradesh Granite Industry in Dire Straits

by Jeffrey Matthews March 13, 2013 News Comments

Government advised to chop royalty tax by 50 p.c. as well as power tariff. The district, which prospered on all fronts using the creation of granite quarry industry recently, has become reeling under acute crisis as there’s no demand within the national and worldwide markets.

Gemstone in Earth’s History

by Jeffrey Matthews Jul 10, 2005 Articles Comments

Natural gemstones utilized in building industry and art originate from all continents and were created during almost the entire geological history.

Thanks for visiting the twenty-first century of Stone in The United States

by Jeffrey Matthews March 3, 2004 Articles Comments

You should define song of the market study as marble-limestone for ease in staring at the data offered by world and domestic surveys.

How You Can Find… and Options to consider Regarding Your Stone Supplier

by Jeffrey Matthews Apr 15, 1999 Articles Comments

Today, using the onslaught of suppliers entering industry and the amount of countries selling stone in The United States, it’s important to know who your suppliers are.

What exactly are Importers, Dealers, and Distributors

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1998 Articles Comments

Before the late 1970’s in The United States, there is a among importers, dealers, and distributors. There have been channels of distribution. The amount of stone dealers within the 1970’s were less space-consuming than today’s figures.

Relation to Sales to United States Customers

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1996 Articles Comments

Initially Printed in 1996 There are lots of methods to target customers in The United States. A long time ago since the market in The United States am big, so new, and thus virgin (if a person could state that), people from other countries selling into The United States were mystified by its vastness…

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1995 Articles Comments

In surveying numerous distributors, contractors, and purchasers representatives through the U . s . States we’ve figured that the marketplace is certainly altering and trends, whether short or lengthy term, take place.

Marble and Dimensional Stone within the U . s . States

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1995 Articles Comments

U. S. Statistics of production: The final statistics showing dimension stone is dated 1993 but is representative of the profession.

U . s . States Dimensional Stone Statistics

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1995 Articles Comments

The Dimension Stone Imports In to the U . s . States—Granite. To simplify matters we are able to consider the totals of imports within the granite industry as what is rough, stone articles, and labored granite.

M.S.D.S. for U . s . States

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1994 Articles Comments

Material Safety Data Sheets, also known as M.S.D.S., are increasingly being needed on stone. It is really an ecological matter that the U . s . States is leading the means by workers safety.

Baby When Writing an order Order

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1994 Articles Comments

A lot of companies don’t have any format for getting stone. Factors should be provided by all companies to determine proper purchasing technics and order forms if they’re to become effective and control the suppliers.

What’s Quality in Dimensional Stone

Stone 411 States     

   by Jeffrey Matthews    March

by Jeffrey Matthews March 4, 1994 Articles Comments

For a long time the issue of quality happens to be an trouble in the dimension stone industry. Is “quality” texture, color, ceramic, natural, defined, standardization, legal, or perceived?

What to anticipate From the Supplier

by Jeffrey Matthews Jul 10, 1994 Articles Comments

Suppliers or fabricators are known sometimes as producers or factories who produce tile, slabs, cut to size, or any other special works for example hearth surrounds. These suppliers sometimes are misinterpreted.

Stone Selection & Indicating

by Jeffrey Matthews March 3, 1993 Articles Comments

Picking out a stone to be used mandates that many questions are requested. “Who does the choice?Inches is a primary question.

A holiday in greece

by Jeffrey Matthews March 3, 1993 Articles Comments

A holiday in greece is situated between your Ionia Ocean and also the Aegean Ocean, and it is slightly smaller sized then Alabama. It is composed of very mountainous areas and a lot of islands. The dwelling underlying A holiday in greece is “Marble”.

U . s . States Economic Forecast

by Jeffrey Matthews March 3, 1993 Articles Comments

The U.S. economic slowdown within the late 1980’s was enlarged because of the global economic slowdown. President George Plant attempted to obtain americans to simply accept persistence, as growth was nearby.

Negotiating Contracts Within The U.S.A.

by Jeffrey Matthews March 3, 1993 Articles Comments

It is usually worth noting that you’re getting contracts. It was once quite simple to understand the buyer would be a contractor/installer.

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411VM Profile – Andy Stone


DM Bean: Andy rules!

Reluctant Yuppie: one of the most slept on early to mid 90's DC pros along with Chris Hall and Scott Johnston

marvinshenk: If I could go back and do things different, I would make it a point to champion my friends. I would have been the biggest fan of Chris Hall, Andy Stone, Pepe Martinez, Eben Jahnke as possible. But back then, I just assumed they didn't need my help. I was out there skating with them all day.\n\nI miss those times, and more importantly, those guys. 

marvinshenk: I skated with Andy the whole time he was pro, and I just took him for granted. Even when he was on 101, I just thought "man, he's on 101, but I know him, so how great could he be, so lets skate". He was really sick. The guy could pretty much do anything you could think of. I remember being in a parking garage and him doing Hardflips in 1992. This was in the dead of winter with no one around. Nothing to prove. When you are around greatness, you are usually the last one to notice.\n\n

janthony8: I remember that element board he's rockin in here. The AS/DC shit was ill.

Mark Davis: best profile ever\n

gatlar28: 411 vm #9 brings back old memorys! 

mccabbq: He styles the fuck outta those Airwalk 'Ones'..\n\nI remember this 411 issue like it was yesterday. Thanks for the post.

oele: back in the day.i like his style

Radic DJ: whatever happened to andy stone?