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What are best gemstone suppliers in india? - quora Granite Clients are established

This is a listing of Top Granite Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India

Fundamental essentials best manufacturers, suppliers & exporters and natural gemstones offering include granite, marble, river white-colored granite,

granite gemstones, north Indian granite, south Indian granite,

kitchen granite, sand stone and Indian marbles for a number of uses.

1 Kanhagranites

Corporate Office – Madurai

Business – Granite Slab, Gemstone, Granite Block Website – http://www.kanhagranites.com/

Kanha Granites Private Limited. We are some of the fastest growing granite exporters in India from Madurai (Tamil Nadu), India with offices in India and also the Uae. Kanha Granites intends to broaden its operational ambit to nations like USA, Canada, France, Italia, Netherlands and so on. Taking client administration a score greater, it forms granite customized towards the particular prerequisites of individuals and motorboats them right to their objectives.

2 Sati Exports India Pvt Limited

Corporate Office – Bangalore

Business – Natural Indian Granites Website –http://www.sati.co.in/

Sati Exports India Pvt Limited is the One-Stop Look For Granite Exporter in India. Let’s handle the next granite countertop project without hassle. Give us a call! + 91 – 80 – 32 444 222.

3 Michigan Gemstones

Corporate Office – Karnataka Bangalore

Business – Marble, SandStone, Countertops and Quarta movement Manufacturers Exporters Suppliers Website – http://www.michiganstones.com/

Michigan Gemstones Pvt. Limited. is among the management as well as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of natural gemstones viz. granite, marble, sandstone and countertops. In the future with this different approach and strategy by coping-track of the foreign buyer’s expectations when it comes to quality, uniform color, polish, cost and timely deliveries and thru personalized interaction, we aim is the India’s top Granite, Marble & Sandstone exporters company in India.

4 Pokarna

Corporate Office – Telangana

Business – Granite Manufacturers Website – http://www.pokarna.com/

Pokarna, India’s # 1 Granite Clients are established in 1991 and focuses on manufacturing and offering quality granites globally. Pokarna Limited processes its granite at two condition-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where our magic with granite starts with raw material from own quarries in addition to carefully identified independent ones. Our very own quarries produce probably the most searched for after colors like Acacia, Black Universe, Coffee Brown, Flash Blue, Pokarna Eco-friendly, Azure Blue, Seaweed Eco-friendly, Silver Gem and Vizag Blue. Our color scheme includes 50 plus types of granite sourced within India additionally to Saudi Arabia and Iran.

5 Lomrod

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Granite, Marble, Artifacts & Cobble Pebble Website – http://www.lomrod.com/

Lomrod are among the expert manufacturer, supplier of gemstone, granite,Granite Tile,marble slab, paving gemstones, Black Granite tile. We offers building materials gemstone for exterior and interior etc.

6 Malanigranites

Corporate Office – Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

Business – Granite Tiles and Slabs Website –http://www.malanigranites.com/

Manufacturer of granite slabs and tiles from India. A top-notch supplier of black granite along with other granite types. Malanigranites provides an extensive selection of granite slaps and tilesthat are magnificent within their color combinations, textures and patterns.

7 RKMarble

Corporate Office – Ajmer (Rajasthan), Vietnam,Bangalore, Punjab, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Delhi

Business – Granite & Marble Manufacturers and Suppliers Website – http://www.rkmarble.com/

RK Marbles is really a top marble and granite manufacturer in India. This marble company is another famous marble supplier because it provides a wide array of worldwide and Indian marbles for a number of uses.

8 Enthusiastic Marbles & Granites Pvt. Limited

Corporate Office – Udaipur

Business – Granite, Rainforest Marble, Eco-friendly Marble, Slate Stone Tiles, Sandstone Slabs Tiles, and Quartzite Slabs Website – http://www.avidmarbles.com/

Enthusiastic Marbles & Granites Pvt. Limited. supply superior quality granite, granite slabs, granite tiles, granite flooring, granite kitchen tops, granite countertops, granite work tops, marble, marble slabs, marble tiles, marble work tops, quartzite slabs, sandstone slabs and sandstone tiles, slate tiles, now we’re better referred to as masters of granite wholesalers, granite processors granite exporters, granite slabs exporters, granite flooring tiles exporters, eco-friendly marble exporters, lady onyx marble exporters, slate tiles exporters, gemstone exporters and project contractors wherever you might be.

9 Jai Granites

Corporate Office – Madurai

Business – Granite Tiles, Granite Slabs, Granite Vanity Tops and Granite Countertops Website – http://www.jaigranites.com/

Jai Granites is really a Granite Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India for Granite Tiles, Granite Slabs, Granite Vanity Tops and Granite Countertops.

They export to all of us, European Market and worldwide.

10 Eindha Granite Pvt.Limited

Corporate Office – New You are able to,USA

Business – Granite Gemstones, North Indian Granite, South Indian Granite and Importd Marbles Website –


Eindha Granite Pvt.Limited started by Mr. Mukesh Eindha, and also, since its establishment around 2012. Today, we are among the greatest manufacturer and exporters of Granite gemstones in India. Having a targeted audience around the world. We’ve acquired global leadership on the market with condition from the art equipment.

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