Gemstone – granite, marble, quarta movement countertops & solid surfaces

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A top-notch fabricator of custom countertops.

Refurbishing your home or office? Why don’t you start with gemstone and solid surfaces!

Thanks for visiting StoneTop Corporation. – the current lifestyle! Minimalistic interiors, simplistic office and home layouts have become more prevalent. Allowing sun light within the living area to produce atmosphere that highlights everything of the kitchen or office room is definitely an art, and modern constructions are excellently including them. Beautiful gemstones and engineered surfaces are utilized more often to complement the interiors and preferred theme.

Why gemstones, you may question! Gemstones enclose a completely different world inside them which will get uncovered when they’re polished. Arriving vibrant colors and forms, making spaces look warm or luxurious is simple with gemstones. But be cautioned, it’s not the stone alone, which produces the magic but a mix of perfect workmanship, design, and care that can help it assume amazing forms.

StoneTop Corporation.

StoneTop is really a premium fabricator of custom countertops along with a one-stop place to go for your kitchen area needs. There exists a wide assortment of granite, marble, soapstone, travertine, and quarta movement custom countertops. Available too within our collection are exquisitely designed basins.

At StoneTop we have a diverse range of fabricated stone surfaces for your aesthetic needs, which can make selecting surfaces a really tough task!

Assortment of stone countertops

  • Natural gemstones – soapstone, marble, limestone, travertine, granite
  • Solid surfaces –Staron, Corian, Wilsonart
  • Quarta movement –Cosmos, Hanstone, Silestone, Zodiac, Caeserstone

Gemstone - granite, marble, quarta movement countertops & solid surfaces granite     


Selection of basins

  • Stainless kitchen/bar sinks – offset, double equal, or single bowls
  • Porcelain vanity sinks – rectangular, oblong, round
  • Vessel bowls – glass, copper, porcelain

We purchase quality

Quality may be the essential element our products include, because all efforts become useless with out them. We’ve dedicated 20,000 Sq. foot position for our condition-of-the-art machines which allow us enhance the best masterpieces. Each step – template, fabrication & installation – within the preparation of StoneTop countertops involves great efforts by our employees to create out the best quality products.

Lengthy-lasting relations – Our few pride

With more than a large number of effectively completed projects we take pride to celebrate our lengthy term commitment towards quality and repair. Our lengthy time connection to architects, builders, designers, and dependable customers stands like a evidence of the help and trust we’ve constructed with our clients. Why search elsewhere available to get best prices together with your reliable company near your home.

Our Locations

We come in metro Atlanta and serve Georgia, Eastern Alabama, Western Sc and Southern Tennessee serving the requirements of our reliable customers.

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We make your living area speak for you personally

Gemstone - granite, marble, quarta movement countertops & solid surfaces connection to architects

bonding seamless quartz stone adhesive,seamless joint glue


Barin Factory: Contact

Miki Xiao:\nWhatsapp/Wechat/Tel:+86 13925575839

Dawn Circle: will this product working on any coloured quartz? or just grey quartz? I have black or white, or red coloured stone, will it work?

Miki Xiao: Yes, any colors we can matched for you. But the glue color is matched one by one with stone colors.

kevin: Did you dry fit the pieces to make sure they were level before you glued and pulled them together?\n\nWhat do you use for a buffing compound?\n\nThanks for the video.

Miki Xiao: Could i talk with you by email? I do not know your questions.

Miki Xiao: 1.Before you glued, please make sure the two pieces of stone at the same level.Some Skilled workers have other good ideas. 2. After scrape the cured glue, use wax.

Brian Chan: How much for the set ?

Miki Xiao: Please contact with me by email.

Alejandro Ismael Muñoz Medrano: excelente