Ciot habitat-habitat slabs

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Ageless. Organic. Original. No two pieces are ever alike. Since 1950, we feature gemstone slabs from around the globe, including many niche gemstones exclusive to Ciot. Each stone will prove to add a unique touch for your design. They may be transformed by our experienced craftsmen to suit your space, to have an interior or exterior installation. Regardless if you are searching for marble, granite, slate, limestone, onyx, quarta movement or semi-stone, you’ll find at Ciot the biggest selection.

Inside, these gemstones could be set up in various locations for example on the kitchen countertop, a backsplash, on the floor along with a wall, a table and vanity, fire mantel, inside a shower plus much more.

Outdoors, stone is frequently employed for its resistant against temperature changes. You can use it within the steps, on the pad, to produce flower boxes, etc.

Ciot habitat-habitat slabs could be setRegardless its host to installation, natural stone will invariably follow your imagination!


1/4''x5'x10' (6mm-1.5m-3m) Huge Porcelain Tiles Installation and Tile Leveling System


John Doe: 5'x10'? That's not big enough, why isn't there just one tile for the whole house?

Beelzebob the innocent: looks like a nice easy beginner project

King Julien: how do u cover the pit/junction between tiles later after removing the clip ?\nthank you

Polmaster Construction & Tile Ltd.: King Julien yes for sure

King Julien: thank you^^

azzamat dardhk: very good work.realy really wonderful. thanks you for uploading a good informative video. azmat Hussain

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karre murthybabu: Polmaster Construction & Tile Ltd.

Khaled Gaidi: هايل

ALI ALI: Please Why is this which holds its tiles called?