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Make Your Own Concrete Countertop, It's Easier Than You Think


DJRap999: You should have mixed the color into the dry concrete before adding the water. Same principle when baking. It makes it much easier to evenly distribute the ingredients first so you don't overmix, or in your case, add too much water trying to wash out the color container.\n\nInstead of using a rubber mallet to vibrate the mold, a more effective tool is my wife's vibrator with supercharger and dual overhead cams.

gafeht: DJRap999 my friends think I'm gay because I ordered a vibrator.

indy Productions: The concrete here that is labeled countertop concrete is $19 a bag us. Is there anything else I should buy. Did the concrete you use have rocks and gravel in it? If so why don't they show?

Ben Frawley: As someone who had a concrete casting business in the past, my advice would have been to make the mix wetter as it would have reduced the bubbles and pit marks to zero with less vibrating needed. I know you were concerned about strength with a dryer mix, however it wouldn't make a lot of difference especially since you are only putting cups of coffee on it. :)\nNice video tutorial. !

Robin Lewis: +Ben Frawley Thanks Ben. That's some solid advice, I'll keep that in mind for next time. As you say, it's supported and taking next to no load, strength isn't really an issue. I plan on doing a small top for a vanity in my bathroom, I'll put it into practice then

t friedmann: Robin, this tutorial is awesome. Would you consider releasing another video about doing the sink you were planning? If you incorporate an overflow, it gets a little tricky.

biggles1024: Nice job. FWIW, an orbital sander without sandpaper does a good job at vibrating small volumes of concrete. It also makes it easy to vibrate the entire surface because it operates over an area rather than points like a mallet does. :)

Shane McNab: biggles1024 beautiful advice

integr8er66: homernukem – No, you would place it on the bottom of the form and let it vibrate the form, and thus the concrete, to float the air out to the top, or rather the finished bottom of the counter top which is on the top while it cures.

Miles Williams: I wouldn't recommend using bare hands to move the concrete around, the lime in it can cause chemical burns to your hands if you aren't lucky.