Faqs about granite, marble, onyx, travertine, quarta movement countertops

Faqs about granite, marble, onyx, travertine, quarta movement countertops We advise always using

Us has tried the mining, cutting, finishing, installing and repairing of gemstone for more than 4 decades. This working understanding from the entire process enables us to provide solutions to those faq’s about Granite. Marble. Onyx. Travertine. Quartzite. 

What’s the distinction between Marble and Granite?
In addition to the proven fact that both of them are stone, they’ve little in keeping except time.

Marble is created when limestone is exposed to eons of pressure and heat in the earth’s crust. During this period, the limestone alterations in texture and makeup, a procedure referred to as recrystallization. Impurities present along the way give Marble its number of colors. The purest Marble is white-colored. Ancient Greeks used Marble in statues and structures. Many of the sculptures from the Italian genius, Michelangelo are Marble.

Granite is created when magma, or molten rock, needs into crevasses in other rocks within the earth’s crust, typically deep within mountain ranges. The fabric, generally comprised of quarta movement, feldspar and mica, cools and crystallizes subterranean. Granite could be pink or grey. It requires its color in the composition from the feldspar. Granite is most generally utilized in building materials.


Granite is definitely an igneous rock, that is a more difficult stone. Therefore, it should take harder abrasives for refinishing. 

To recognize Granite, perform a scratch test. Have a knife blade, and check out scratching the top (within an off traffic place). Whether it’s difficult to scratch, then it is apt to be Granite (or some form of igneous rock). If you can to scratch the stone, it’s either Marble or limestone. 

Granite generally does not interact with acids (except for Hydrofluoric Acidity – HF).


Marble is really a more supple stone than Granite. Marble is really a metamorphic rock that contains calcium carbonate, which reacts to acids. With this particular information, at this point you realize that acidic cleaners will damage most Marble surfaces.

Marble can also be responsive to acidic foods like lemon and vinegar, therefore it is not necessarily great for kitchen countertops.

You are able to usually identify Marble due to its distinct swirls or veins.

Before taking care of stone surfaces, make certain you realize with which kind of stone you are dealing. Knowing that, you can choose the best cleaner to do the job.

Exactly why is Marble harder to look after than Granite in kitchen countertops?
After fabrication, the Marble is sealed, just like Granite is. Consider Marble is produced from limestone, it’s innately more porous than Granite and for that reason harder to create impervious to stains. It’s also a softer stone and much more prone to damage in the kitchen area where spills and dropped objects are typical.

Do you know the best ways to use Marble?
This luxury stone is better utilized in floors, to manage fireplaces, as well as in elegant bath, shower and spa enclosures.

What’s the easiest method to clean Marble countertops?
Wipe well having a moist soft cloth and buff dry having a chamois once per week. For stains, make use of a non-abrasive cleaner, for example acetone, peroxide or obvious ammonia. Use the cleaner having a flannel, and buff dry. Countertops could be polished utilizing a Marble polish that contains tin oxide.

How must i clean a Marble floor?
We advise cleaning Marble flooring having a stone sealer along with a standard, non-abrasive floor cleaner.

Exist methods to safeguard my Marble?
We advise always using coasters under glasses, plastic under cosmetics, and rugs in high-traffic regions of Marble floors. Refer scratches to some professional.

Which stone must i use for kitchen countertops?
The sheer great thing about Marble has convinced many householders to select it for kitchen countertops, even though it’s harder to keep. It may be sealed, but it’s more porous than Granite and for that reason weaker to stains, in addition to chipping and cracking. Marble is way better suitable for bathroom vanities, tabletops, shelving, floors and accents around fireplaces. With countless shades and colors available, Granite is the foremost option for kitchen countertops.

The number of selections of Granite patterns and colors exist?
There are other than 1,000. A lot of our most widely used are Baltic Brown, Ubatuba Eco-friendly, Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, Blue Gem, Tan Brown, Tropic Brown, Crema Bordeaux, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Napoleone, GialloVeneziano, Peacock Eco-friendly, Butterfly Eco-friendly and Giallo Fioritto.

Can Granite be broken?
Certainly it may be, although not easily. A clear, crisp blow from the heavy object can nick it. However, heat from containers, pans and boiling fluids generally won’t harm the stone. However, Granite needs to be sealed or it’ll absorb stains, causing brown spots or discoloration. Like Marble, Granite is also porous, but much less so. You will probably find small pits within the the surface of your countertops. This really is natural and area of the great thing about the stone.

Will my knives scratch Granite?
Most likely not, but Granite will dull your knives. Make certain to make use of cutting boards.

Will the Granite I select online or perhaps in the shop be identical colored and pattern to what’s set up in my house?
The probability is better with a few colorations compared to others. Speculate your countertops will not range from same slab of Granite as store samples, there might be some variation, since each Granite deposit assumes the coloration from the materials that created it. For the best results, you need to choose personally the Granite slabs which will become the perfect project.

Granite is heavy. Will it be cantilevered?
Provided it’s proper support, yes. Never use unsupported Granite where it may be exposed to significant stress, for example someone sitting or sitting on it.

Let’s say my Granite must be seamed? Won’t that spoil the appearance?
No, not if installation is performed properly. Seams are created when two bits of Granite constructed and glued having a little difference of epoxy combined with one that suits the stone. The joint will be smoothed, departing the seam barely visible.

Let’s say my Granite does get chipped?
Generally, it may be repaired using a combination of epoxy and ground-up Granite of comparable color. If you’re able to find and saved the chipped pieces, they may be utilized in the repair.

What’s the easiest method to clean a Granite countertop?
Make use of a mild, phosphate-free biodegradable soap without any aromatics, an intensive, clean-water rinse along with a dry polish with cotton or chamois. Don’t use detergent. It’ll develop a soap scum which will dull the Granite’s finish.

What’s travertine?
Like Marble, travertine comes from the limestone family and frequently forms near warm or hot springs where bubbles within the water cause voids within the stone. When such springs go cold, Onyx is created, and that’s why it’s not uncommon to locate bands of Onyx in travertine beds. Since travertine is extremely prone to scorching, scratching, staining, acidity as well as standing water, it’s best employed for flooring, tub and bath enclosures and outside accents. Travertine will come in countless colors.

What’s saturnia?
It’s exactly the same factor as travertine, cut differently. Saturnia is cut over the grain from the stone instead of across the grain, as travertine is generally processed.

Could I personally use Onyx for anything?
Onyx constitutes a bold statement in vanity sinks. Onyx, a semi-precious type of chalcedony, has alternating bands of color, most generally shades of brown, red, white-colored and black.

Will Excell seal my stone?
Yes, once installation is finished, Excell technicians will seal the surfaces.

How lengthy will the sealer last, and just how must i renew it?
The sealer lasts about 18 several weeks. Excell will reseal it for you personally if needed, or it can be done yourself having a Granite sealer offered at most hardware and residential-improvement stores.

Does Excell install sinks and taps?
Yes. There exists a selection available, or purchase them elsewhere. Make certain those are the right style and size and you have sufficient inside cabinet space for the choices. You will have to determine if your countertop needs a drop-in sink or perhaps an under-counter mount style. We’ll range from the installation within our project cost.

Are you going to perform the plumbing?
Though we all do install sinks, our license doesn’t include plumbing. We advise you employ a licensed plumber to achieve that work 24 hrs after sink installation so that the silicone seals are correctly dried.

When my old countertops are removed, how lengthy am i going to do without counters, sinks and water?
Generally, we are able to take away the old countertops and install they right away. When the plumbing is performed the very next day, you’ll be without water for just 24 to 36 hrs. When the job cannot be carried out in each day, then old counters could be removed eventually and they installed the following day.

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