Marble, quartzite, granite and quarta movement

Exclusive stones

Obtained from quarries around the globe, blocks of Gemstone are hands selected by Stone Gallery, and used in Italia in which the materials are cut and polished. Our particular focus on the choice process enables Stone Gallery to provide not just the opportunity to let the creativity flow, but the highest quality marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx and much more. Stone Gallery’s hard surfaces covering selection, doesn’t visit Gemstone. Stone Gallery offers exclusives lines in Porcelain, Glass, Mosaics and Natural Wood.

At Stone Gallery, your alternatives are virtually unlimited. Design professionals have unique challenges, with countless different patterns, colours and textures, we’re confident you’ll locate an unmatched piece to your personal.

Stone Slabs can be found in various grades known as first, second and commercial. At occasions it may prove difficult to look for the grade and overall quality of stone. To make sure our selection exclusively includes the greatest quality materials, Stone Gallery’s proprietors and experts, personally visit Stone Quarries around the world regularly and hands select only superior quality material. With regards to man-made products and types, Stone Gallery’s Quarta movement, Porcelain and Glass options, are simply as attentively selected. Stone Gallery’s is the source for exclusive names for example La Fabbrica, Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Marca Corona, Sicis and much more.

Why work with Stone Gallery?

There are lots of stone warehouses and satellite shops that buy their stone slabs from distribution centers. Many occasions such cost driven dealers, have no idea or are indifferent to the idea of quality. Knowingly or unknowingly some dealers will purchase commercial and 2nd-grade material, and try to sell as premium. Because Stone Gallery personally hands-picks their gemstones (Marble, Granite, Travertine, Onyx, etc.) from the origin, the Stone Quarry, we all know first-hands and may uphold our first quality stone selection. So when you’re inspecting the fir,000’s of stone slabs within our Delray location, you can rest assured you’re only choosing the greatest grade and greatest quality gemstones. Using the recent inclusion of our Urban and significant Tile and Accessories Showroom, we’re striving to become a first-rate one-stop shop center.