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juan6810: I sell manufactured stone its not recommended to install stone right onto the drywall the stone weighs 7 to 8 pounds a square foot, you need cement board with a scratch coat or wire lath with backing \nThis guy installed about 400 pounds of stone right onto the drywall not a good idea

StoneShowRoomKelowna: +juan6810 I  can appreciate your concern. I have however been using this technique for over 30 years and never had a failure in well over a hundred fireplace jobs.

coopy D: wouldn't you use plywood then cement board isn't much tougher than dry wall

sreekanth gopalakrishnan: I am looking to put stone cladding on dry walling post my firewall installation .Do you think normal dry walling is strong enough to handle the weight of the stone.Do you need any stronger lining like cement sheet or backboard support and also is there any type of stone you recommend that is lighter

StoneShowRoomKelowna: Mortar does not stick to substrates so it needs the metal lathe. Thin set has a glue in it that makes it bond to substrates.

John: I like the music

StoneShowRoomKelowna: A manufactured stacked stone. I don't recall which brand. The video is nearly 3 years ago

Silas Barnabi: what stone are you using?

Nick Macker: Why no wire lath?

ChefLupo: no problem . my question is .i have a painted dry wall at my living room do i have to scrspr the paint of so the glue/ chiment will stick with the stone ?or i glue the stones over the paint .