Gemstone, flagstone, bluestone

Natural Stone

There are numerous kinds of gemstone products you can use to construct or finish various structures. Here are the most suggested types as well as their uses:

  • Cobble Gemstones – they are granite or basalt gemstones cobbled or formed into rounded pieces that are then set together by mortar or by sand, based on where they are utilised. They are frequently employed for pathways, pavements, and other kinds of outside walking surfaces.
  • Flagstones – they are flat gemstones composed of various sedimentary gemstones that are cemented along with silica, iron oxide, or perhaps calcium. Their non-slip characteristics make sure they are well suited for roofs, floors, fences, seating elements, in addition to support beams.
  • Blue Gemstones – these are manufactured from a kind of sandstone that’s bluish and grey colored. These are perfect for use as pavers for landscapes, driveways, patios, decks, and much more.
  • Fieldstones – they are naturally sourced kind of rocks which are reduce smaller sized pieces for simpler installation. Barely modifying their natural look and condition, perfect for experience fireplaces, patios, along with other landscape features.

Designer Pavers and Cultured Stone

Natural Stone

With regards to masonry, we offer items that, while not entirely made from gemstone, possess similar physical attributes and performance. Designer pavers are produced pavers which are custom-designed for a client’s needs and preferences. These may be produced to complement a structure’s theme, color, or design without compromising durability and performance.

Cultured gemstones are constructed with synthetic and natural materials, molded and colored to imitate natural gemstones. These are typically lightweight and are ideal for experience walls, support beams, pools, along with other aesthetic features inside or outdoors a home or commercial structure. Furthermore, they are great products for individuals who’re following the stunning appearance of gemstone but would still wish to work inside a limited budget.

Top-Quality Masonry Products

Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies provides the best gemstone products for those clients from Hyde Park along with other areas in Massachusetts. Whether you are looking at naturally sourced stone materials or manufactured versions, we be certain that each bit we deliver will fulfill your needs. It’s our pursuit to exceed your expectations and to offer you beautiful building materials which will last a long time.

For the masonry needs, call us today or come go to our Hyde Park or Norwood office. Our staff could be more than happy to offer you more details about our gemstone products.


How to Build a Bluestone Walkway


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