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Gemstone - wheeler zamaroni: stone fabrication & landscape supply - santa rosa, ca example  flagstone, ledgestone

Our inventory contains most types of sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, travertine, quartzite, and basalt from round the world. These kinds of stone come in an array of natural forms, for example flagstone, ledgestone, boulders, and pebbles. Many of these could be could be fabricated into a number of sizes and shapes custom made for the project. Surface treatments include antiqued, honed, plant hammered and highly polished finishes to match any look.

Applications change from the utilitarian (flagstone pavers, cobblestone, gemstone tile, stair treads, and pool coping) towards the decorative (basalt posts, stone fence posts, troughs, and fabricated ornamentation). Wheeler Zamaroni has got the gemstone product for just about any project. Gemstone lends strength, stability and color for your landscaping. Its neutral palette varies from creamy white-colored and warm tan to fast and grey tones. We’re constantly adding new items to the inventory. Should you don’t see what you would like or like on our website or at our facility, please tell us. We’d gladly special order that perfect stone to suit your needs. Our stone fabrication department may also shape almost any stone to fit your project.


Boulders are gemstones that typically range in weight in one half ton to 12 tons. Wheeler Zamaroni has a wide variety of granite, basalt, and sandstone boulders. Boulders provide weight and a feeling of history to some landscaping. An essential anchor aspect in your hardscape, boulders provide a spot to sit, and an all natural focus.


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