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Used forever of your time, stone siding is extremely durable and delightful. Gemstones may be used within their natural condition, or cut to uniform sizes. Builders Stone & Masonry of Might uses natural, thin-cut stone on the majority of projects including outside kitchens, siding finishes and residential detailing projects.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone, a light-weight option to gemstone, is really a eco-friendly-friendly option that is simpler to set up and could be ready to a customer’s specifications. Centurion Stone is created in gemstone casts with natural products. It appears great on assembling your shed.

Stucco, Acrylic, and EIFS

Stucco siding is gaining popularity and prevalent within the Midwest. Very durable and efficient, stucco is typically formulated with Portland cement, sand, lime and water. Sometimes other substances are added, which admixtures should be tested on those who are responsive to chemicals. It possesses a firm, strong and fireresistant coating for your house.


Brick siding is among the most widely used masonry siding materials. It's a natural product, made from clay and/or shale. It is extremely durable and lengthy lasting, and may certainly be considered a “green” siding – particularly if it's available in your area and it is easily accessible. A number of shades and colours can be found.

Our products - builder's stone & masonry It appears great on assembling

We're now a Stone Age distributor of outside living products. If you've any queries, you want to learn more about our products, or you want to plan a free estimate, please contact Builders Stone & Masonry today.

Our services are performed by our experienced sales, delivery and installation teams. Our goal would be to deliver 100% satisfaction with any job we all do – contact Builder’s Stone KC today for those who have any queries or would really like a totally free estimate.

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