River stone productions. lux4home gemstone products.

River stone productions. lux4home gemstone products. Only functional area continues to

River stone productions. Lux4home gemstone products.

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    Lux4home™ RIVER STONE

    This collection includes products made from

    natural river gemstones found within the rivers of Indonesia.

    Landmarks, and rough shapes from the exterior surface

    remain unprocessed , just like these were produced

    naturally. Only functional area continues to be given formed

    and structured. That’s the reason each bit is

    always various and unique … Simplicity and

    minimalism in treatment are similar to peace and

    meditation, making these items highly desirable for

    a long time for modern, and classic bathrooms …

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    Why sinks from ?

    1 The main difference between outflows:

    Amateur production:Production Lux4home™:

    2 Wider walls:

    Amateur production:

    thickness about ,5 cm

    Production Lux4home™:

    thickness a couple of cm

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    Lux4home™ 3Bathtubs

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    Lux4home™ 4 Showertrays

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    Lux4home™ 5Bathroom sets

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    Lux4home™ 7Pedestal Sinks

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    Lux4home™ 9Vanity sinks

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    Lux4home™ 11Vanity sinks

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    Vanity sinksLux4home™ 12

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    Lux4home™ 13Pedestal Sinks

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    Lux4home™ 15Vanity sinks

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Natural stone sinks LAVABO CUT Lux4home. River stone sinks.


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