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Wales Experience: Watch Welsh Cakes Made before you

Welsh cakes really are a Wales tradition. Sweet and almost biscuit-as with small items of fruit, Welsh cakes are created by moving the dough, cutting them into disks and cooking them on the hot griddle. Watch them made before you in Cardiff market, then have a piping hot cake around the place.

Top Wales Souvenir: Welsh Cakes

After sampling these addictive little cakes, you’ll certainly wish to bring some home. The new Welsh cakes made in the market won’t last as lengthy, but they are great to get if you are on the way home within 24 hours. Packaged cakes can last longer, as well as the supermarket version was pretty tasty.

Wales Experience: See a Rugby Game

While all the Uk is steeped in rugby culture, it appears to become much more true in Wales. It’s very easy to have the hurry of rugby cameraderie and excitement if you watch a complement the locals. If you’re able to time that it right, visit a live rugby match in the spectacular Millennium Stadium.

Or, do things i did and merely participate in the enjoyment in a local pub in Wales. You should check out that old Arcade pub for that fascinating display of rugby memorabilia tacked towards the walls– but almost every pub having a television screen can have matches. Rugby watchers aren’t terribly rowdy– the viewing atmosphere is going to be jovial (sometimes with spontaneous singing) and welcoming.