Shopping and souvenirs in peru

Shopping and souvenirs in peru in addition to



• Gold and silver: Colonial and republican style silverware: trays, coffee sets, utensils, mirrors, etc. Silver products should bear the 925 hallmark. Gold and silver filigree jewellery.

• Wood: Mirrors and frames covered in gold or copper leaf within the colonial style. The mirrors from Cajamarca, decorated with flowers, similar to Venetian art. Colored "Retablos" or triptychs with clay figurines representing religious figures or scenes of native customs enclosed inside a rectangular box with two doorways. Wooden objects made from Amazon . com timber (Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. and olive): salad bowls, utensils, plates, ashtrays, etc. These are typically available only in Iquitos or at special fairs.

• Plaster: In Cusco, people from the Mendivil family are very well-known craftsmen which make artistically stylized figures from the Virgin for nativity scenes and collectors, made from a paste that includes wheat flour, grain, mashed taters, plaster and papier maché.

• Stone: Ayacuho is known for its carvings in alabaster stone, also referred to as "Piedra de Huamanga". Peruvian turquoise (chrysocola) is really a beautiful fast-eco-friendly colored stone that appears good with silver.

• Gourds: Carving gourds having a hot needle is an extremely old Peruvian craft. The favourite created gourds come from Cochas (Huancayo) depicting countryside scenes.

• Pottery: "Toritos de Pucara" are pottery bulls with brown, eco-friendly and ochre adornments, initially produced for magical-religious purposes. Pottery from Quinua (near Ayacucho) includes bulls, colored clay places of worship, candelabra and whistles.

• Shipibo pottery and textiles from the suburbs near Pucallpa, decorated with fine geometric figures in brown and black on the cream background.

• Chulucanas pottery (Piura) is becoming fashionable recently.

• Leather: Chairs, created poufs, saddles, belts, bracelets, purses, bags, etc.

• Wool: (alpaca and lamb). A distinction should be made between traditional hand crafted handicrafts and individuals created with modern industrial manufacturing procedures, in compliance with export standards. Hands knitted products could be of an excellent quality. The sizes are often standard United States or North European sizes. Even though some sales agents may seem convincing, not every the alpaca pullovers have "baby alpaca" (high-quality, not prickly and much more costly), though it may say 100% alpaca around the label. Alpaca made of woll is generally combined with lambs' made of woll, which isn't bad as lengthy because the alpaca made of woll weighs exactly the same or even more compared to lambs' made of woll. Associated ancient knitted goods, there are several gorgeous examples, specially the ponchos in Cusco. There's also some beautiful belts knitted on sides, the favourite to be the Cusco belts with geometric Inca motifs, most of which are really the collector's pieces.

• Hammocks: Made from quite strong cotton or vegetable fiber in the Amazon . com. Handbags will also be made with similar material.

• Embroidery: The embroidered products from Monsefú (Chiclayo) and Cajamarca are very well known.

• Straw hats from Monsefú and Catacaos (Piura)

• Felt and made of woll hats from Huancayo, Cuzco, Puno.

• Carnival masks, mainly in Puno.

• Bows, arrows and darts in the Amazon . com region.

• Musical instruments: guitars, mandolins, small guitars referred to as "charango", Indian flutes, wind pipes, etc.

Modern Sector Shopping

Knitted goods, blankets, jackets, fine pullovers, alpaca dresses designed for the export market as well as in much demand worldwide, can be purchased at reduced prices compared to Europe or even the U . s . States. Some establishments can rapidly make products to buy, with European styles. Arequipa is really a fortunate place to buy modern alpaca goods, as that's in which the primary factories can be found. Pima cotton pullovers and t-shirts will also be in great demand in worldwide markets.

Modern jewellery: Boutiques within the center of Lima, in San Isidro as well as in Miraflores, plus some stalls within the Indian markets, possess a varied assortment of quality products which are more demanding clients. They are available in modern designs in addition to replicas and classy recreations of Peruvian culture.


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