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The Aspen the boys as well as their parents visit within the episode "Asspen" is disturbingly like the real factor: It’s filled with psychotically steadfast timeshare salesmen and moronically snooty ski snobs who live in a continuous campy ’80s flick. There’s no mighty K-13, the "most harmful run in the usaInch featured for the reason that episode, but Aspen has an array of summer time and winter activities, from skiing and biking to paintball and paragliding. To get fit for this all, you are going to have to prepare like they did in South Park: You are gonna require a musical montage!

Cave from the Winds

When Al Gore involves South Park in "ManBearPig," he recruits the boys to assist him fight "the only greatest threat to the planet" — no, not climatic change, however the dastardly ManBearPig, who’s half man, half bear and half pig. And he’s certain about how to locate it: Cave from the Winds, in Manitou Springs. As with that episode, the actual caves feature nifty rock formations — but no sign whatsoever of the half man, half bear and half pig (or perhaps is that half man, half bear-pig?) creature. But be aware: If you discover fake "smugglers’ treasure" within the caves, don’t mistake it for that real factor and then try to sneak it when you eat it. As Cartman finds out, serious gastrointestinal distress will ensue.

Cave from the Winds Road, Manitou Springs,

Cheyenne Mountain

The military base hidden within the core of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs might be able to withstand a nuclear holocaust, however in the "Trapper Keeper" episode, it’s really no match for Cartman’s Dawson’s Creek Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000, which fuses with Cartman and transforms right into a giant bio-blob monster set on absorbing NORAD’s supercomputers and taking around the globe. Because you most likely posess zero Dawson’s Creek Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000, you will not have the ability to infiltrate the military installation, but you may still go to the mountain by looking into the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, among the only mountain zoos in the united states. Just look for just about any Dawson’s Creek-themed bio-blobs.

4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs,

Cherry Creek

Once the boys hit on the plan in "Your Tooth Fairy’s Tats 2000" to obtain wealthy by putting teeth under wealthy kids’ pillows after which stealing the cash left through the Tooth Fairy, they mind towards the perfect spot to find plenty of spoiled brats: Cherry Creek, the "wealthiest neighborhood in Colorado," like a street register the episode proclaims. "I’m sure the children get $10 a tooth in the Tooth Fairy," states Stan, and he’s right: Upscale Cherry Creek offers the best people-watching around, from jet-setters slurping espressos to seniors couples walking their dogs — in dog strollers — and a lot of little tykes sporting Rob Lauren and searching toward that old Tooth Fairy departing a credit card under their 600-thread-count pillows.

Five Points

Oh, individuals silly, physically impaired kids! When South Park’s disabled boys Timmy and Jimmy form a golf club known as "the Crips" — short for that cripples — in "Krazy Kripples," they learn about an identical group in Denver: the "Five Points Crips." So off they’re going to 5 Points, certainly one of Denver’s grittier neighborhoods, and shortly uncover people from the Crips, a genuine street gang. Nowadays in Five Points you are more prone to place remains from the area’s wealthy African-American heritage, like the Black American West Museum and also the Blair-Caldwell Black Research Library, than roaming gangstas, however if you simply are available across any, just ply all of them with marshmallows and ginger root ale. It labored for Timmy and Jimmy.

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