Stonehenge visitors was once handed chisels to consider home souvenirs

Despite its dry desert landscapes, Utah is really a land of endless surprises, and Glen Gorge is one, rivaling Arizona”s Grand Gorge for sheer magnificence.

Utah’s Otherworldly Landscapes


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Whale milk is a few of the wealthiest milk open to any mammal. An infant whale will drink 150 gallons from it each day to sustain its dramatic growth.


Baby Humpbacks Need 150 Gallons of Whale Milk each day



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Coconut octopuses are some of the most intelligent invertebrates around: They will use tools, carry their shelters around when ever they require them, and, fittingly, adopt an underwater walking motion that”s much like humans.

A Coconut Octopus Uses Tools to grab a Crab


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The bust of Nefertiti contains probably the most beautiful faces on the planet. So beautiful, a mathematical formula was utilized to sculpt it.


How you can Achieve Perfect Beauty




Stonehenge Visitor Center and Tickets