Ural gems. souvenirs from yekaterinburg, ural mountain tops

Vodka, caviar along with a muffle hat. Surely fundamental essentials stuff you buddies requested you to definitely bring from Russia. But in the Urals you are able to bring some thing precious – jewellery made from Ural precious gemstones and gems.

The Ural Mountain tops are actually wealthy in all kinds of minerals. Recall the Kremlin 5 meter ruby stars in Moscow with emerald hammers and sickles. These were produced by the Ural jewelers. Recall the eco-friendly posts of St. Isaak’s Cathedral along with a malachite room within the Hermitage. Which was a distinctive mosaic technique introduced by the neighborhood masters when malachite was discovered here. Finally, are you aware that the infamous Gold Hurry began first in Yekaterinburg and twenty years later ongoing in California? It’s correct! Gold was discovered almost in the heart of Yekaterinburg at first of 1800s and each second citizen understood how you can mine it. This Gold Hurry wasn’t as well known as with California however, many people did set off the rails and wasted profit a way nowadays Russian oligarchs washing horses in champagne and building grotesque mansions. Later local gold miner Nickolay Doroshin set an expedition to Alaska. He did not find gold there but shared his knowledge about the very first gold diggers in Sacramento.

Nevertheless, it is not gold but eco-friendly malachite is easily the most popular stone here, the indication of the Urals. Now I am sharing a secret along with you. Nowadays malachite is scarce and all sorts of malachite souvenirs that you simply get in Yekaterinburg are constructed with African stone. It’s cheaper due to the low quality. The main difference is simple to identify: Ural malachite is much deeper colored and it has elaborate patterns. Still some street vendors and collectors have Uralski malachite extracted within the Soviet occasions and you may purchase it at very fair prices. Terry a tourist from Canada purchased a 3cm stone not lengthy ago for 200 roubles (8$)!

Also check out the standard gems studded presented pictures usually depicting Ural landscapes. They’re very unique, rather cheap although could be heavy to hold. When purchasing gold jewellery you receive a purchase certificate so don’t be concerned concerning the customs.

To real savers I’d advise to produce your personal expedition towards the mountain tops in order to mine some gold close to the capital of scotland- Nevyansk. El born area still abounds with gold!

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