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Mexican Souvenirs

You're getting a lot of fun on your first trip to México finding all of the places from Tulum to Cabo, singing using the mariachi, finding out how to say a couple of words in spanish and tasting all of the flavors in our cuisine, finding that some dishes tend to be more spicy than the others. Inside a couple of words you're living an remarkable experience however your trip isn't complete before you get souvenirs to keep in mind how amazing this adventure was. In the end, it is only just like you had to have a bit of Mexico along with you.


Our country is extremely colorful and it has many traditional crafts. From Yucatan to Baja California many categories of artisans create beautiful works of art from wood, gold, silver as well as stone. Creativeness is everywhere, that's the reason we would like to express quick tips for the greatest souvenirs on your visit to Mexico:

Mariachi Hat.– If you are a specialist screaming “Viva México” out of all fiestas you attended on your visit , this is actually the perfect souvenir for you personally. It's also probably the most representative icons in our culture which is recognizable around the globe . So make certain buying one to keep in mind the first visit to México.


Traditional Beverages.- At this time most likely you're thinking in tequila, so we don’t blame you. But this isn't the only person. In Mexico we've classical beverages for example Ixtabentún , a beverage from Yucatan that consists of a flower with similar name. We have mezcal from Oaxaca or Pulque in Hidalgo, both created using agave. You'll be amazed whenever you uncover these beverages come frequently in hand crafted bottles that are also handicrafts and therefore are an ideal gift for the buddies.


Postcards.- It may seem these are merely bits of card board , however they are simply practical souvenirs to keep in mind the places you've visited. Who are able to resist to consider one and take notice of the beautiful and representative places of México without feeling the necessity to travel and uncover that place? Then when you walk into an industry request them and have a bunch because they are also cheap too.


Catrinas.- In Mexico this bony character is an extremely important a part of the west and she or he are visible in a multitude of locations like restaurants, hotels, handicrafts stores and it is a pleasant souvenir to keep in mind your trip to Mexico and it is traditions like the Day's the Dying that people celebrate in November having a colorful and attractive festivity. You'll find catrinas made from wood, metals, paper mache as well as in many sizes , you just pick one to consider home.


Since you may see México’s creativeness is really a vast world of colours and forms, wherever you're you will see a location with handicrafts or perhaps a primary street in which the artisans are earning their very own works of art. Take the time to uncover and discover the right souvenir that can make you are taking part of Mexico along with you.




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