15 outside stone fireplaces to like

This can be a gorgeous space and will be a great destination. Grey gemstones were utilised here and a few wicker furniture.


natural design

Grainda Builders, Corporation.

Gemstones are utilized in many areas of this outside space passing on an all natural touch.

North Hudson, Wisconsin

sandblasted concrete

Windsor Companies

Paved with put and sandblasted concrete and concrete landscape tiles, this outside space is really beautiful. The Walnut trees punctuate the symmetrical balance from the new landscape.

Austin Stone Hearth


Stirling StoneWorks Worldwide

Mixtures of a number of stone designs in monotone is a great way to design this space.

Rustic Gorge New House

white design

Tim Barber Limited Architecture

White-colored looks beautiful regardless of whether you utilize it inside or outdoors. This picture implies that white-colored may have a great impact for an area.

Pergola Outside Stone Hearth

pergola design

Clearwater Landscape

A pergola alone has already been a treasure for the yard. Also should you give a hearth along with a sitting area inside it?

Santa Monica – Mediterranean

outdoor stone fireplaces

Ecological Concept

Your outside space have a focus as stunning because this if generate a creative hearth.

Beach House II

vintage modern style

Bruce Palmer

A classic modern style sitting area having a hearth designed just like a castle.

Harmony Outside Elements

water features

Chipper Hatter

The hearth sure looks good however the water fountains on its sides tend to be more stunning!

Sanctuary within the City

pool area

Eco-friendly Scene Landscaping & Pools

A swimming pool area having a hearth near it makes good balance to the area and may add warmth to individuals using it throughout the night.

Keller Property

small stones

Paradise Restored Landscaping

Rather of utilizing small gemstones, that one used large gemstones for that hearth also it looked lovely!

Outside Living Area

large stones

Lankford Design Group

That one and also the previous image both uses large gemstones what makes this beautiful may be the protruding gemstones.

Outside Hearth

contemporary outdoor space

Hickory Hollow Landscapers

A modern day outside space with pretty furniture set along with a hearth that put into its look.

Carmel Cottage Retreat

outdoor stone fireplaces

Culbertson Durst Interiors

A little area can continue to look as awesome because this one. Using gemstones and wood are fantastic particularly the distribution of plants.

We’re sure you’ll such as this collection. Despite using modern fireplaces nowadays, stone fireplaces should never be obsolete. It it’s still a part of landscaping and outside design as what you’ve seen within the images above. One easy way help make your hearth stick out would be to put it inside a pergola or simply be create using its design.

Resourse: http://homedesignlover.com/landscape-designs/outside-stone-fireplaces/

Handmade House TV #15 "Why are chimneys built on the exterior of a home?""


Fånge 1056: We have built the chimneys on the inside since medieval times (1400s) here in Scandinavia.\nMostly in aim to preserve any heat (it's cold here) but also from tradition. :)

Harley04: don't like to get a cold azz !!!

Ed Smelly: I agree, that certainly is a handsome chimney.

Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley: Thank you! (It's one of my favorites too.)

Civilizations-end: one reason is simply the complexity of the wood working required to get the chimney inside .. roofing around a chimney is hard… with basic materials

Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley: So true. Anytime something pokes through a roof it is a challenge to keep it from leaking.

IdahoSolar: I agree on the asthetic of a chimney and fireplace; however they are very inefficient as a heat source. A modern wood stove with a windowed door backed by a large stone hearth is a much more efficient heat source while still providing a rustic asthetic.

Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley: Very true!.. I'm a big fan of having both. It's not hard, or expensive, to add a second flue to the same chimney. I consider a woodstove an important feature to have in order to heat a home… but I've never gotten the same level of enjoyment from a woodstove fire as that in a fireplace.

HappyandAtheist: Here in the UK the 1st Chimneys in the early medieval times were built in the center of the house with a fire place on two sides back to back the stack passing up though the roof. This also reflects the old ways of the fire pit in the center of the hut.

Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley: They are also very common here in the New England area, which has a similar climate as the UK… of which many were built by UK settlers… it makes a lot of sense, and is very attractive.