50 sensational stone fireplaces to warm your senses

A stone hearth can greatly enhance any home’s design aesthetic, exuding a country elegance which makes your home feel warm and very comfortable. It’ll inevitably be the focus associated with a room, being a thing of beauty by itself and becoming an excellent decorative element. Stone fireplaces look stunning with any design, but achieve their finest success inside a comfortable vacation cabin. These fireplaces could be designed from floor-to-ceiling to provide a more finished and delicate look…not to say it’s very eye-catching! A mantel is usually made up of wood or reclaimed wood for any rustic appeal (which adds a pleasant visual impact with the stone), could be added only for show in order to add decorative products like a mirror, candlesticks, vases or a bit of art. With artwork, this won’t assistance to anchor your home, you may also draw color inspiration for that painting to brighten the nearby interiors.

For those who have white-colored walls, a stone hearth might help breakup the starkness. With stone, if you are planning to build up, you may decide to consider building out in to the space to produce a more powerful visual impact as well as an older look. There are many gemstones to pick from, may it be limestone, cobblestone, slate, granite blocks, cultured river rock (a guy-made material that’s light and far simpler to set up than natural stone), concrete gemstones (ideal for a far more contemporary hearth), or perhaps a stone veneer. We’ve come up with an accumulation of cozy fireplaces clad in stone in a variety of design styles to ensure you get great inspiration for your forthcoming design project…or some visual eye chocolate packed with warmth! Make sure to tell us which most inspires you within the comments section below.

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Here on 1 Kindesign we’ve featured other amazing hearth ideas. So if you’re searching for additional inspiration, we invite you to take a look with the following:

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