How you can whitewash stone: diy hearth makeover — seaside collective co.

How you can whitewash stone: diy hearth makeover — seaside collective co. surplus away rapidly and it

Staining Pads >>> (this is actually the SECRET to epic results. They’re super absorbent, virtually no drips, but great change in whitewash mixture)

Paint Brush >>> I personally use my reliable Purdy brushes. -) You need to make certain it’s position and medium to stiff bristles.

Plastice tupperware container

Chalk style Paint you may choose whatever color you would like for the project (I made use of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen for that lower layer, after which Vintage Market and style Chalk Paint in Dove for that final layer)

Water: to combine using the chalk paint

Work Towels >>> to wash any drips that could occur

Work Glasses and Rubber Mitts >>> yes, your should put on these!




1. Clean your stone with warm soap and water.

In case your brick or stone is super glossy and clever or pretty dirty (unlike ours that was very porous and comparatively dirt/smoke free), you may want to use for example Teaspoon to complete the job.


2. Bring your paint, water and tupperware and make your whitewash mixture.

It does not appear your ratio is, but you will have to mix exactly the same ration any time you make more mixture. Personally, i produced a ratio of approximately 1:1 Sinking with create drips and lighter color. An excessive amount of paint won’t look translucent around the stone, but instead "colored on" and coated over the top surface. If you are worried about the paint not sticking, add a bit more paint and try to to some test place first to find out if you want the colour and exactly how it appears when applied.


3. Use the whitewash mixture one small section at any given time.

You shouldn’t be afraid to actually push your brush in to the stone and brush with X-like motions to evenly cover the top. Your small section each one stone at any given time like Used to do with this stone, or you have brick using a small area (for instance 2 ft by 2 ft) is all about to brush around the mixture.


4. Make use of your staining pad to wipe any excess whitewash mixture.

When you brush the whitewash mixture on your small section, make use of your staining pad to remove the surplus as well as the color. This method moves along in an even pace, so it’s not necessary to wipe the surplus away rapidly and it’s not necessary to wait a bajillion hrs either.

Just brush on, wipe off. Brush on. Wipe off.


******An alternate would be to simply employ your staining pad to use the whitewash mixture in case your stone isn’t too rough. You could test a place, however a rough stone only will rip the fabric from the staining pad. A bristle brush really will get in to the crevices and cracks from the stone easier.


How to Whitewash Fireplace Stone


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