Stone fireplaces for timber homes


Most timber homes just wouldn’t be complete with no hearth, and stone fireplaces are frequently homeowners’ first choice. In case your new timber home includes a stone hearth, listed here are the fundamentals behind the fireside.

White-Cliff-greatroom--Wisconsin-Log-Homes,-IncDesign and Decor

Stone fireplaces look rustic or elegant, contemporary or traditional. Gemstones could be stacked with mortar or without. Various kinds of rocks offer different textures and colors. Gemstone could be created or formed to mirror wide-varying styles. So, how can you examine the choices?

First, when you are dealing with your designer, bring pictures and files showcasing the kind of hearth you are interested in. After that, your architect or designer can sketch ideas according to looks you want, or may suggest that you visit previous home projects or local stone yards to determine more options.

As a focus, the hearth sets a dark tone for the home’s interior decorating, so take time to make sure the sketched design perfectly illustrates the design and style you would like. In which you place the hearth in your house is yet another subject to go over together with your architect or designer, bearing in mind your home’s views, climate and just what time you’ll make use of the room using the hearth.


Through The years

When you define a method direction, you’re ready to choose from full stone, thin veneer stone or architectural veneer (manufactured) stone. Each choice offers its very own advantages.

Truly distinct and in keeping with tradition, full-stone fireplaces may include large gemstones and provide a multi-dimensional look. The disadvantage of full-stone fireplaces may be the massive weight from the hearth, which needs a built-up foundation and support structure. Bigger gemstones weigh more to move towards the building site, occupy extra space at work site during construction and therefore are additional time-consuming to erect.

THL_0409_C2_JRSThin-stone veneer is quickly replacing using full gemstones in fireplaces along with other residential applications. Using the veneer product, gemstones are sawn for an roughly 1-inch thickness. Lighter in weight means they are less costly to ship and makes better utilization of an all natural resource — splitting a stone in 2 doubles the quantity of functional stone face. 90-degree outdoors corners and accessories, for example full-size hearth gemstones, make today’s thin-stone veneer fireplaces virtually just like full-stone fireplaces. Still, the finished appearance of the stone cladding is going to be smoother than full stone. For any natural finished result, many people mix full gemstones with thin veneer.

Architectural-stone veneer is produced by mixing lightweight aggregates and flowing the mix into molds to get the preferred stone shape. Colored pigments are utilized to personalize the product’s appearance and highlight its texture. The end product ranges thick from under 1 " to two or three inches, and it is applied similarly to thin-stone veneer. It’s lightweight, simple to install and simple around the wallet.

Evaluating Costs

Different stone options include different cost tags: It’s important to check out the work in the whole, not only at the expense of materials. Thin-stone veneer, for instance could cost more upfront due to manufacturing costs associated with cutting and shaping the gemstones. Still, the savings are located in shipping, labor minimizing structural needs, based on the Natural Building Stone Institute.

Regardless of whether you choose full gemstones or thin-stone veneer, one method to cut costs would be to select a kind of stone that’s close to your region, helping you save on shipping costs. Selecting a nearby stone may also help your house be look natural in the atmosphere.

Clearly, labor costs increase the hearth main point here. Using full gemstones will raise the time needed to construct your hearth. (Full-stone masonry may also impact the structure site, as increasing numbers of tools, like large wet saws, are essential to do the job.) Your current contractor will be able to recommend a hearth mason, or contact local quarries or masonry supply companies for recommendations.


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