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If you are a traditionalist, there’s only one sort of hearth. For hundreds of years, skilled masons have painstakingly built impressive fireplaces of stone, rock and brick. You will find them in castles masonry-fireplace-sample1.jpgcenturies old, as well as in the biggest, most elegant homes. The issue here is, nowadays a hands-built masonry hearth (along with the chimney it takes) is staggeringly expensive…and the load of solid stone requires massive structural reinforcement, not to mention, installing one with an 2nd floor is unthinkable in the current homes.

But, that does not mean you cannot bring the incomparable feel and search of the natural stone hearth into your house in order to your patio. Mason-Lite creates true masonry fireboxes at a small fraction of the price and weight of hands-built fireplaces. They may be combined with pre-manufactured chimneys, and set up in almost any room. They’re most suitable in conjunction with with gas logs.

masonry-fireplace-sample3.jpgGo to the Mason-Lite website by hitting their emblem below. You may still have true masonry inside your castle…without having to pay a king’s ransom.



 Also, browse the Flue Sentinel, which digitally opens and closesmasonry-fireplace-sample2.jpg your chimney’s damper with the operation of gas logs. It’s a great, energy-efficient way of preventing getting to make use of glass doorways along with your logs. Designed mainly to be used in new construction, the Flue Sentinel is a perfect complement to some Mason-Lite hearth.