2017 gemstone flooring prices

2017 gemstone flooring prices higher-finish custom

  • Minimum Cost: $5 per sq . ft .
  • Maximum Cost: $10 per sq . ft .


Agglomerate Tile

Agglomerate flooring is engineered with a mix of gemstone in epoxy or processed base. Items of marble along with other rock are utilized within the manufacturing process. The tile features an array of colors in addition to very specific measurements for various application patterns. Some types of agglomerate manufactured tile may need different types of sealers or setting material in line with the base the stone is placed in. It may be when compared with quarta movement tile when it comes to specific standards of producing.


Travertine tile is a kind of natural limestone present in sedimentary rock. The rough finish of the gemstone requires various finishes to supply a smooth walking surface. These usually incorporate a polished or honed and filled finish that combine using skin oils and grinding to level the top of tile. Travertine will have to be sealed every few years to supply a lengthy-lasting finish.


Marble stone floor includes a classic look that produces a higher-finish custom feel to some room. It’s particularly famous entryways and master bath suites. Marble stone includes a natural-grain texture which comes in a number of colors and tile patterns. The grain texture originates from limestone that’s superheated to produce the very-like strands running with the stone. Even though it is durable and really should last indefinitely, marble is really a porous material and can need defense against being stained. A mixture sealer and revitalizer will neat and safeguard the ground for years to come.


Slate is really a gemstone that gives an in-depth, dark finish that’s considered one of the most low-maintenance tiles. Colors could be vibrant, warm shades in addition to various shades of grays and browns. The stone includes several layers of compressed sediments. It is a very durable tile resistant to scratching and chemical staining. To keep gloss and appears, it will have to be sealed every couple of years.

Pros and cons

Gemstone has the benefit of adding considerable value to some home. It can produce a strong impression upon entering an area. Slate and travertine are practically indestructible. Marble and a few of the agglomerate tiles can make stunning contrast and color patterns within the flooring that manufactured floors cannot replicate.
















Regardless of the several benefits of gemstone flooring, there are several aesthetic factors that could require additional planning and maintenance. Stone floor repairs can exceed $1,000 and many stone floors could be cold in cooler climates throughout the spring and winter. Engineered products could have a slight buffer and behave as a thermal break, but many stone floors usually require insulation or some type of radiant heating to lessen the cold drafts connected together.

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