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Shop smarter with this particular understanding about gemstone styles.


Much like snowflakes, stars and individuals, no two gemstone floors are identical. Each floor will exhibit its very own unique coloring, veining and natural characteristics for example hardness and porosity.

Each one has it’s own style. A 1-of-a-kind presence and personality.

Should you’re searching for flooring that's exciting and exclusive, beautiful and individual, gemstone is really a natural choice.

However, it is also a hard choice due to the large number of types, styles and finishes.

With many different information here along with a little imagination from you, you can start to determine which kind of gemstone best represents your look.

First, keep in mind that generally, gemstone ceramic tile sizes are 12”x12”, 13”x13”, 16”x16”, and 18”x18 and bigger.” Natural stone can also be obtainable in mosaics which consist of pieces 3” or smaller sized and therefore are frequently mounted on a mesh backing.

Next, you should know there are two kinds of edges for gemstone floor tile: a elegant bull nose edge which has a rounded or curved appearance, or perhaps a polished straight ninety degree edge that provides a far more modern and clean turn to your home.

That will help you understand the kinds of gemstone, we’ve put this reference together.

There's two fundamental kinds of stone utilized in your building industry:

  • Gemstone for example marble, granite, or limestone.
  • Agglomerates (Manufactured gemstones) that contain gemstone chips suspended inside a connecting, manufactured material.


Gemstone could be grouped into three classes.

Igneous rock is created when molten rock (known as lava or magma) cools and hardens. Granite is a good example of an igneous rock.

Sedimentary rock is created from biological deposits which have gone through consolidation and crystallization. Limestone and sandstone fall into this category.

Metamorphic rock is produced when other sorts of rocks are altered by great pressure and heat within the earth. Marble, slate and quartzite are types of metamorphic rocks.

Listed here are what they are called and definitions of a few of the popular natural gemstones:

Granite is definitely an igneous stone that's very hard, dense and resistant against scratches and acidity etching. It's an ideal stone for use within flooring as well as in preparing food areas. Countless types of granite exist.

Sandstone is really a sedimentary stone that's mainly made up of loose grains of quarta movement sand which are rough in texture. Numerous varieties can be found.

Limestone is yet another sedimentary stone, it’s created from calcite and sediment and is available in many earthen colors.

Marble is really a derivative of limestone. It's a metamorphic stone that may be polished. Marble is usually soft and simply scratched or etched by acids. You will find numerous kinds of marble from around the globe.

Travertine is really a crystallized, partly metamorphosed limestone, which due to its structure, could be filled and honed and it is dense enough to become a kind of marble.

Slate is really a metamorphic stone which has a sheet-like structure. It consists of clay, quarta movement and shale, and comes in many colors including reds and vegetables.

Agglomerate Stone is really a manufactured stone made from gemstone chips suspended inside a binder for example cement, epoxy resins or polyester.

The renowned agglomerated stone is put-in-place terrazzo, utilized in building for centuries.

Today, probably the most popular manufactured stone goods are quarta movement products.

These items offer the feel of gemstone but they are stain and scratch resistant, offer consistency and strength, and therefore are virtually easy to maintain.

Now, let’s take a level closer take a look at probably the most popular gemstone types currently available, and provide some suggested applications.

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