Slate stone flooring offers characteristics unmatched by other stone

Characteristics like durability, stylish beauty, and flexibility have elevated slate stone flooring to get the most well-liked choice for both homeowners and contractors. Whether set up in a brand new home or as substitute flooring in older ones, a number of natural patterns and colors add elegance to the home. Waterproof and put on-resistant, natural slate tiles from PetraSlate in Denver manage heavy feet traffic, spills, and pets quickly and easily, maintaining so on-new appearance for many years. Some highly durable slate flooring is ideal for both indoor and outside uses.

Additionally towards the lavish and long lasting characteristics of slate tile, maintenance is way simpler compared to every other flooring.

What Exactly Are Slate Stone Tiles?

Slate is really a natural rock, created over countless years subterranean in a variety of parts around the globe. The colours, patterns, and strength of natural slate derive from heat and also the a lot of pressure from countless ft of rock, soil, along with other materials above it. Slate is native to just about any continent, even though the characteristics from the material vary from area to area.

After mining, the slate rock is reduce natural stone tiles to produce unique stone flooring which will reflect the owner’s feeling of personal style and need for any beautiful and sturdy flooring.

The overall colors of slate tile offered by PetraSlate in Denver vary from almost black to some light silvery tone. Other shades include reddish copper to rose to mild and dark grey for an sea eco-friendly hue.

Slate Stone Flooring Pattern Options

PetraSlate in Denver offers 25 different slate tile patterns to choose from. These slate materials were found in China, India, South america, and also the U . s . States, and every slate pattern is exclusive. Because of the natural processes, the colors for every tile is going to be similar, though each bit will differ slightly in the next. When installed, the dog owner will love a consistency of color having a wide range of interesting natural variations in pattern from quality slate.

Square tiles are for sale to produce a neat and symmetrical look. To produce much more interest, PetraSlatelate provides several rectangular shapes to produce eye-catching Versailles geometric floor patterns.

Slate Stone Tile Sizes

PetraSlate’s slate stone tiles include 12”x12.”, 16”x16.” and 24”x24” squares. Also, a number of rectangular shapes will come in many tiles that vary from 16”x24” and 24”x24”. Tiles are cut to some thickness of ¼” to fiveOrsixteen inch. Custom cuts can also be found.

Contact PetraSlate in Denver

PetraSlate provides a full-range of authentic slate flooring for indoor and outside installation. Their number of colors, designs, and sizes will fit both indoor and outside applications that impart a really stylish and sturdy option. Call professionals at PetraSlate to learn more at 303.280.9595.


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