Spokane stone flooring

  • Polished

  • results in a glossy shine in the natural reflection of

    the stone’s crystals

  • mirror-like shine is accomplished by utilizing finer

    polishing heads

    Spokane stone flooring may serve you

  • polish may serve you for a lengthy time or might be unstable

    with respect to the kind of stone

  • granite, marble and limestone are often

    polished and wish maintenance to preserve the shine

  • Honed

  • supplies a flat, matte or satin finish
  • results in a more informal and softer look
  • finish is produced by stopping lacking the final stage

    of polishing

  • shows less scratches
  • requires less maintenance
  • marble, limestone, travertine and slate-best

    for any honed finish

  • Acidity-washed

  • shiny with small etching marks (pits within the surface)
  • shows less scratches
  • a lot more rustic to look at
  • most gemstones could be acidity-washed
  • most typical are marble and limestone
  • also a method to soften the shine on granite
  • Saw-cut refined

  • matte finish
  • stone is processed to get rid of the most heavy saw marks

    although not enough to attain a honed finish

  • can buy granite, marble and limestone by doing this
  • Flamed

  • finish achieved by heating the top of stone

    to extreme temperatures, adopted by rapid cooling

  • top of the stone pops and chips departing a tough,

    unrefined texture

  • process is generally completed with granite
  • flamed granite includes a highly textured surface
  • well suited for places that slip resistance may well be a

    concern (shower areas)

  • Split-faced

  • rough texture
  • less abrasive as flamed
  • finish achieved by hands cutting and chiseling

    in the quarry

  • this exposes natural cleft from the stone
  • finish is mainly done on slate
  • Tumbled

  • smooth or slightly pitted surface, and damaged,

    rounded edges and corners

  • several methods used to offer the tumbled look
  • 3/8” thick tiles could be tumbled inside a machine to

    attain the preferred look

  • or 3cm tiles could be tumbled after which split, creating

    two tiles which are tumbled somewhere

  • marble and limestone are primary candidates
  • Brushed

  • includes a worn lower look
  • achieved by brushing the top of stone
  • simulating natural put on with time

Resourse: http://greatfloors.com/
Spokane stone flooring worn lower look


    achieved by

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brenda mills: you gave me hope for my horrid , narly  bathroom floor…most videos are by experts that have been doing their stuff for years….I know I can do it!

mistyaqua: Oh my gosh that came out lovely.

Luiz Gos: horrível!

mistyaqua: LOL I love the video description!

Adam G: Incredible job! Well done!!

MOM ON A MISSION: I will be attempting this in my bathroom 😀 Beautiful doesnt describe this floor! Well done!

Partly Cloudy: For future DIYers who have door in the way: another option would be to take the door down and shave off enough of the bottom to make it fit. There's probably a YouTube video on how to do something like that, rather than me explaining it here.

Carl Lacson: Now that's what I call "PATIENCE" :-)

Brett Winn: OMG … lady, you rock. I wish you lived next door. There aren't NEARLY enough people like you in the world, blazing a trail in public for others to follow, thinking out loud, problem-solving as you go and not caring that the clutter in the next room shows on your video because you're busy doing something more fun. Your video is a great tutorial. However, you get extra credit for being real! I loved it!

Jody Horvath: I heard that after a year or so the river rocks break from the grout and starts cracking. has this happen to you. have you run into any issues with this floor at all😃