Stone flooring

Stone flooring We offer our customers with

At Tri Condition Flooring we offer stone floor installations that have a distinctive style that’s both classic yet also eye-catching towards the modern viewer. Stone floors are appropriate for indoor and outside spaces and therefore are reasonably durable for areas having a moderate degree of feet traffic. This kind of flooring requires only fundamental maintenance for correct upkeep that any who owns an industrial locale are designed for. We offer our customers with floor maintenance instructions which are from the maker, for completely accurate instruction. Call us now for all your stone floor installation queries or to plan your stone floor installation today!

Add Distinct Character to the Commercial Space

A stone floor in any kind of professional space will give you impressive character to exterior and interior spaces. We’ve several stone textures, colors, grouts and designs readily available for allowing the exact look your professional space requires. Let us provide your commercial flooring project the additional character you’re searching for, with this skilled stone flooring installation services.

Strength & Reliability of Stone Flooring

Stone flooring therefore are reasonably durable for

Obviously our impressive stone flooring installations give a unique, eye-catching character, but they’re also durable and powerful, with respect to the kind of stone selected. From gemstone to granite, stone floors Tri Condition Flooring are dependable and powerful. We make sure that every flooring installation service that people demonstrated is protected, strong and pleasing to any or all who walk on there.

At Tri Condition Flooring, we offer stone flooring installation services which are safe, strong so that as unique because the commercial spaces in our customers. Give us a call now to plan your stone floor installation consultation today! Whether your commercial space needs indoor or outside stone flooring, we’ll provide all areas with impeccable stone flooring installation services, from beginning to end.


Installing a stone floor using a float method.


dozdeshabb: Many years ago mankind did not have the technology to cut marbles with same thickness and precision as we do now. Floating was required for all kind of natural stones. Today you can purchase a truck load of stone , all cut the same size and thickness. I am not looking down on any craftsman using this method but a nice bag of recommended thin set will do perfect. No grout joints is recommended for real marble.

sulimonster: its great to see a true marble setter still doing the rite way !!

Jorge duarte: now we just have to cut all the doors down couple of inches, and if you have cheap hallowed doors youre screwed lol

David Saavedra: what song is this?

Este DeTringham: You are welcome! I will ask around, and see if anyone knows who does this rendition – someone HAS to know!

Jorge duarte: David Saavedra thats because its santanas song, hes the one playing the guitar

Pro Tiler: Why not just level floor first with self levelling? Then use thin set throughout… Making life hard for yourself here, and what's with the masking tape….?

ER Marble & Tile Inc: some floors are so off level that this method is the only one that will correct the problem, marble or not. It would be to costly to use self leveler, when an  80 lb bag of mortar is about 5 bucks.

ER Marble & Tile Inc: as for issues on expansion causing cracking or warping, that doesn't happen because your not completely compacting the bed with mortar, space is left underneath. Cracks in  the cement slab that run through its thickness, will cause cracks in the floor ( there are ways to mitigate that), and so will earthquakes, though that's what insurance if for>>>>don't use spacers on marble.

Eric Williams: very nice