Welcome home, and to everything about gemstone.

Home. You are able to travel around the world but with regards to familiar

comfort, personal surroundings and true wellness, all roads

result in home. Here on the website as well as in our store, we

celebrate the house.

We have confidence in this straightforward truth: what’s beneath your ft

impacts existence beneath your roof. The different floors

during your home influence interior beauty, design, décor,

comfort, upkeep – existence itself.

That is why our goal is to offer you quality gemstone

flooring items that provide a positive and lasting impact on

your house.

Items that enhance your house, enhance design and décor, meet

your particular comfort, performance and budget needs, and stand

the ages.

To assist achieve our goal, we’ve produced a library of stone

flooring understanding, style choices, shopping tips, buying

factors and maintenance dos and don’ts.

Why build with gemstone?

For several solid, natural reasons.

Gemstone is powerful and stable to reside with. It exudes a

wealthy, organic, beautiful surface and it has a good, timeless

“presence” in almost any room.

Proceed — rub your hands across any gemstone product. Can

you are feeling the eons of your time it required for it natural question

of Mother Nature?

It’s a well known fact. The formative process for gemstone started

countless years back, deep beneath the top of earth.

A mix of pressure and heat produced blocks of natural

stone, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and


Because the earth’s crust started to develop and erode, it pressed minerals

up from the core, developing massive rock deposits, which we refer

to as “quarries”.

Walk across an all natural stone floor and tread on a single material

quarried and built by ancient people of nobility and


From typical monuments such as the pyramids in Egypt and also the

regal Greek and Roman temples, towards the great civilizations of

China and india, gemstone continues to be a fundamental part of

architecture throughout history.

It’s the world’s earliest building material — imagine its beauty

and magnificence inside your new house or remodeling project.

What age? In 2500 B.C., Djoser’s Step Pyramid in Egypt, the very first

structure to make entirely of gemstone, was built

using huge blocks of granite and limestone.

Today, gemstone quarries are located in lots of countries

around the world for example Italia, China, The country, India, Canada,

Mexico as well as within the U . s . States.

Recent advances within the stone industry’s equipment technology have

greatly impacted the entire process of removing stone in the quarry

and setting it up in the home. Maybe your house.

Technology advances can make this happen with your efficiency and speed

that now gemstone is obtainable to any or all and it is beloved for

its durability, personality and appearance.

Indeed, nothing comes even close to the good thing about gemstone. And

even though it is typically more costly than porcelain tile and

requires greater maintenance, gemstone will virtually always

improve your home’s resale value. That’s another essential

consideration while shopping.

Today, there’s a sizable choice of gemstone to select

from, and we’ll be demonstrating and explaining about each stone

family at length.

During these sections on Gemstone you are able to rely on learning

about granite, the toughest and densest stone, marble, noted for

its wealthy, luxurious quality, limestone, a softer, more porous

stone, and also the popular travertine.

We’ll also take an interesting take a look at slate and tumbled stone,

America’s favorites in rustic settings.

Like a side note, you should know of the product known as

Manufactured Stone. (Also known as Agglomerate Stone.)

It’s an artificial stone product you can use for flooring and

discover more about this within the Stone Flooring Construction


If gemstone flooring can be a possibility for your house, we

invite you to definitely learn all that you should know within the other stone

sections here and also at our store.


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