Vulcan stone flooring

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A Follow-Up 2 Yrs After Stone Flooring Installation!

Whenever you resurface a concrete floor with carpeting, tile, paint along with other coatings, the moisture has nowhere to visit and becomes trapped. Carpeting will get moist and starts to breed mildew and mold. Tiles release, crack, break and appear. Paint and coatings blister and peel. All of these are primary explanations why you regularly need to replace and reapply these kinds of concrete floors.

Vulcan Stone floors are engineered particularly to become applied over concrete. Normal floor covers aren’t appropriate for concrete floors. Concrete is porous and moist, so water migrates upward in the ground, working its way with the concrete.

Garage Before

Garage Before

Garage After

Garage After

You’ll never need to replace your Vulcan stone floor again!

Our stone floors prevent mold, mildew and moisture problems from occurring. It cleans easily having a vacuum or moist mop rather than must be replaced.

Vulcan stone flooring may be the gemstone flooring option to solve your concrete floor problems, permanently.

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Cleans easily with vacuum, hose or mop
  • Skid and slip-resistant
  • Corrects puddling, low spots and uneven areas
  • Hides chipped, cracked and stained concrete
  • Doesn’t trap moisture (carpet, paint, tile along with other coatings do, and that’s why it normally won’t last)
  • Won’t breed mildew or mold-ideal for wet, moist or ton-prone areas
  • Comfortable just to walk on – even just in bare ft
  • Create unique patterns, borders, designs and logos
  • Eco-friendly
  • Usually installs in only eventually

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