Boral stone launches hand crafted cultured brick

Boral stone launches hand crafted cultured brick Southern Ledgestone contains weathered edges

Homeowners and building professionals do not have to compromise when selecting brick for any home exterior.

Now Boral Bricks’ Hand crafted Cultured Brick manufactured brick veneer offer the benefits of a manufactured product using the rustic visual appearance of the hand crafted brick.

For hundreds of years, brick was manufactured individually through the rugged hands of brick throwers who’d lay soft clay into each developing box after which copy in kilns. The sporadic firing process led to a never-ending quantity of imperfections that produced character and heat to each wall. 

Today, Boral Stone Products relies on a condition-of-the skill method to produce the same appearance of character and heat using its new Hand crafted Cultured Brick lines. These items are actually readily available for purchase over the U . s . States and Canada.  

Having a height of two ¾”, an overall length of 8 3/16", a thickness of threeOr4" and corner returns of 8 1/4" – 3 5/8”, Hand crafted Cultured Brick manufactured brick veneer is both lighter and thinner than traditional full-face bricks, making for simpler installation.

These versatile products fully trust a number of architectural styles, which makes them ideal for both new construction and remodeling. Whether employed for exterior or interior applications, they are certain to add aesthetic beauty to the new house.

The Country Manor method is modeled on true hand crafted brick, and it is deep burgundy red colorization is distinctive and wealthy. The texture and color are similar to the grand homes observed in towns and metropolitan areas throughout America.

Inside, a country Manor hearth or accent wall will impart a feeling of permanence and magnificence. Likewise for exteriors the brilliant deep color and mellowed texture impart dignity and architectural interest to a number of home styles from Georgian and federal to contemporary.

The radiant dunes of Erg Chebbi supply the muse from the Moroccan Sand colorway. An all natural medley of earth yellow, sand, desert and lightweight beige awaken warm ideas of sunrays and daydreams. These evolving colors offer an alluring and intimate feeling to lighten a conventional kitchen, gathering room, bed room or give a welcoming attribute for your home’s entrance charm.

Additionally for this new thin brick texture, Boral Stone Products also introduced three new stone veneer colors in the Cultured Stone® manufactured stone veneer products. 

Wolf Creek® Southern Ledgestone encompasses a variety of buckskin, raisin, sienna brown, and cream, and truly feels as though it had been collected in the land. It’ll enhance many architectural styles including Builder, Prairie, and Ranch.

Echo Ridge® Southern Ledgestone contains weathered edges in a wide array of platinum, steel, and bronzed vegetables similar to the finest gemstone.  It goes well with a number of architectural styles including Builder, Prairie, and Ranch.

Winterhaven® Pro-Fit All downhill Ledgestone offers clean, great looking whites present in a lot of nature’s elements, the foundation with this crisp new colorway. 

On eco-friendly home exteriors.

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