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162670_107806042624668_2001399_nGlass tile might appear just like a quite recent accessory for the decorator’s arsenal, however the tradition of utilizing small colored smalti tiles goes back towards the castles and temples from the Byzantine empire.  Our hand crafted glass hearkens to this tradition, however nowadays glass decoration can be obtained to everybody

Glass is a the brightest most reflective elements available also it can boost the apparent size an area or lighten a dark space.  It adds a flash of color or beauty to some room and could be selected to create a statement, or flow subtly combined with the additional factors inside a space.  The fabric is commonly low maintenance, also it can be surprisingly strong once correctly installed.

However glass comes with its drawbacks.  It may be slippery when wet without specific finishes or surfacing treatments.  Glass is sort of fragile, and may crack when laid with an uneven surface.  Although it is simple to clean, the highly reflective surface has a tendency to highlight any dust or grime. And glass could be around two times as costly per sq . ft . than ceramic.

This being stated, it's impossible to conquer the brilliance glass provides to some room.  A glass floor or accent piece can surprise visitors, and correctly treated, glass should serve you for a lifetime. Consider whether glass may be right for your house design project.

Resourse: http://tile-stonegallery.com/products/tile/glass/

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