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Cultured or manufactured stone is handcrafted from molds using selected gemstones that induce elegant replicas from the real factor.

The “close to nature” appearance of Centurion’s wide selection of products makes it our customers’ favorites. Our stone includes a distinct advantage since it is lighter, less costly and simpler to set up than gemstone.

When stone is part of the look, Centurion supplies something that will lend a remarkable and search to the project and can last and appear ideal for decades, whatever the climate.

Manufactured stone products can duplicate numerous styles and appearances. Regardless if you are attempting to reproduce the country appearance of a mountain lodge, or even the timeless great thing about Old European Architecture – decorative stone veneer enables versatility to produce almost any look or feel that you would like.

Cast stone veneer can be used as exterior and interior non-structural uses. The person made stone is really a lightweight veneer facing that may be put on a number of surfaces including masonry, metal presented or wood presented construction supplying a number of architectural appearance.

The fundamental materials are natural in most cases include a mix of Portland cement, iron oxide color pigments and light-weight aggregate (small gemstones and sand). When stripped in the molds, you’ve got a veneer that appears, feels which last like gemstone, but light. This will make it simpler to set up.

Our products can be used as both residential and commercial construction. Like gemstone, our stone veneercan withstand the harshest exterior environments including contact with intense Ultra violet sun rays, temperature extremes, along with other challenging conditions.

Call us today for information on which in our various cast stone products will best meet your renovation or construction needs. Find out more about Centurion Stone’s type of products.

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How to Install Stone Veneer – Kodiak Mountain Stone: Installation Video


dwayne holbrook: He forgot to mention weep screed at the bottom of the lathe for water drainage

MsTavi1977: Unfortunately, teaching is not this man's forte.

Jon C.: +MsTavi1977 What in fresh hell are you talking about. The man did an excellent job.

Gary Littlejohn Jr: good stuff!!!

Giovani Giorgos: Is it acceptable to add an additional layer of scratch coating to build the surface out to meet the interior finishes, in this case a stone pocket at the ceiling.

Kodiak Mountain Stone: +Giovani Giorgos How'd your project turn out?

Giovani Giorgos: +Kodiak Mountain Stone Pretty good except cleaning up the residue from the motar is a little troublesome :/

dwayne holbrook: You can attach the lathe with staple gun roofing nailer or screws and cap that are called lathe lock

dwayne holbrook: You can also use a garden rake to the scratch coat to make grooves in it or just a brush or tile trowel

dwayne holbrook: I add bonding agent to mine