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Nation Name: Keftias

Name(s) of Ruler(s): Minos. Later historians will think that Minos would be a specific person, however in truth, that’s the title from the ruler of Keftias. In addition, most actual power takes place through the High Priestess from the Great Mother, using the Minos being just a figurehead.

Type of Government: Keftias is really a theocratic monarchy. Actual power is mainly wielded through the High Priestess from the Great Mother, by extension the priesthood class. However, the federal government doesn’t interfere a good deal within the lives of those. They’re mostly worried about gathering sources to aid themselves, and also the individuals occasions of difficulty. The mind of condition may be the Minos, who’s the boy from the High Priestess and/or even the previous Minos, mimicking the connection from the Great Mother and also the Earthshaker, as well as their boy the Boy God (see Religion below). Strangely enough, the Minos doesn’t take power once the old one dies, however when the prince reaches age nine, through which time the boy is extremely prone to live to their adult years and bear heirs of their own. The reason behind this really is to best embody the Boy God, who the Minos is his earthly avatar.

Description of individuals: The folks of Keftias are basically the Prepalatial Minoans, in the event that means almost anything to you.
Physically, the Keftians look much like lots of people living round the Mediterranean. They mostly have light brown skin, brown eyes, and wavy black hair. They generally have slender figures.
Their typical garb includes loincloths and kilts for males, and knee to ankle-length skirts (frequently in multicoloured patterns) for ladies. Most clothing consists of linen or made of woll. More potent colours and much more elaborate patterns and cuts are worn by individuals with wealth and standing. Most everybody goes barefoot and barechested, and individuals employed in dirty or wet professions are frequently nude. However, some put on simple sandals, and cloaks might be donned to safeguard against cold or wet weather. Clergymen and priestesses put on more elaborate robes or dresses. Jewellery is frequently worn by genders. Locks are worn in a number of styles, frequently including lengthy locks and braids for genders. Men choose to shed their hair on your face.
Structures are mainly of wattle and daub or mudbrick with wood frames, however they have started employed in stone. Structures have square and rectangular shapes, and also have flat roofs. Structures can depend on three storeys high. They build small shrines towards the gods, although not full temples, and aside from remote rural shrines are often integrated into a normally non-religious building. They’re not going to start to build castles for a while yet. Walls and posts are frequently brightly colored.
There’s a higher amount of sexual equality within this culture, but division of work exists, with a few professions and activities being considered masculine or feminine. Interestingly, many professions are available to both sexes, but might require someone to put on the garb from the women in your life. Keftians generally prefer trade, pleasure, and craftsmanship over warfare.

History: It’s stated that whenever the truly amazing Mother produced the planet, there is only water and seafloor. So her husband the Earthshaker hewed the seabed together with his great double axe, cleaving and churning our planet and causing a lot of it to become thrust up over the waves. This is when lands for example The island originated from. Later, the gods produced men and creatures just to walk our planet, which spread to wherever they might. Such was the way the Keftians found The island.
The Keftians tendency to slack much considered to where they originated from before coming on The island. The island is the home now. What else matters? Physically and culturally, they most resemble the folks of A holiday in greece. Yet they likewise have many Asian and African characteristics. It’s difficult to say which continent the ancestors from the Keftians originated from. Possibly a variety of peoples made their method to The island with time, and Crete’s individuals are the kids of three continents. It’s all rather meaningless towards the Keftians anyway. For them, the planet includes the lands all around the Mediterranean And Beyond. Geographically-speaking, why is A holiday in greece so not the same as Asia Minor, or even the Levant from Egypt? Cultures are what truly matter, and also the Keftians realize that the truly amazing ocean reaches least as frequently a bridge because it is an obstacle.

Religion: Keftians possess a polytheistic religion. This religion bears a resemblance to Classical Greek religion, but there are a variety of variations. Most particularly, the main deity is really a goddess known as the truly amazing Mother. Some notable deities include (but aren’t restricted to):
The Truly Amazing Mother, from whom all was ultimately produced. She’s portrayed like a lady in priestly or aristocratic garb holding an employee and between either lions or griffons. A single pillar is frequently incorporated in depictions of her, which either stands nearby or where she stands.
The Earthshaker, god from the ocean, of mountain tops, as well as earthquakes, patron of smiths, and husband towards the Great Mother. His symbol may be the double axe, or labrys.
The White-colored Bull, god of war, violence, as well as effective emotion. He’s portrayed as whether bull or perhaps a minotaur. The bull-jumping ceremony is really a quasi-religious ritual practised through the Keftians, whereby they symbolically face and overcome their opponents, both within and without.
The Boy God, the youngest and favourite child from the Great Mother. He’s the god of youth, beauty, pleasure, and kingship. He’s portrayed like a nude or regally-attired boy or youthful man, sometimes supported through the Great Mother. The Minos of Keftias is regarded as his earthly representative.
The Mistress of Monsters, who’s goddess of plants, creatures, the search, and also the wild places around the globe. She’s portrayed like a lady in priestly or aristocratic garb inside a backwoods setting, sometimes holding a bow and arrow or supported with a griffon or any other supernatural creature.
The Snake Goddess, who’s the goddess of birth, fertility, and dying. She’s portrayed like a lady in priestly garb with snakes either understood in her own hands or coiling round her arms.
The Mistress from the Labyrinth, goddess of understanding, strategy, and architecture, protectress of metropolitan areas and towns. Her symbol may be the labyrinth.
The Dancing Lady, goddess of visions, prediction, dreams and intoxication. She’s symbolized like a intensely dancing lady, frequently encircled by adorers or fellow dancers. It’s stated that they invented wine when she cut her feet and bled right into a river, which in turn switched to wine. She produced grapes through a mix of water and her bloodstream, and trained mortals the key of creating it.
The Mistress from the Loom, who’s the goddess of fabric and textiles. She is able to build or solve the ability and prestige of mortals. Her symbols would be the spider, the saffron flower, and also the golden ball of thread. She’s honoured with sacrifices of proper dresses or figurines depicting exactly the same.

Description of the Economy:
Most Keftians reside in rural homesteads or perhaps in small towns. The folks subsist on farming, fishing, and herding, from time to time taking wild game or plants.
Common crops include wheat, flax, grapes, barley, fruit trees for example olives, figs, dates, and pomegranates, and flowers for example saffron, poppy, lily and, crocus. Typical animals creatures include cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and other poultry. Cats and dogs are stored as pets as well as for hunting and pest management correspondingly. Fishing plays a fundamental part of the economy, and individuals get many of their protein from sea food. Logging is another major industry, as The island is heavily forested at the moment. The area hosts a number of forest including cedar plank, common, and cypress.
Common secondary products include unleavened bread, cheese, essential olive oil, wine, beer, linen, made of woll, dyes, and woodwork. Because of Keftias’s maritime atmosphere, the Keftians have grown to be rather skilled at building and handling ships.
The island has little when it comes to ore deposits, so most metal needs to be imported. Keftian smiths understand how to work bronze, but because of the scarcity of tin, most tools, weapons, and armour are constructed with copper. A couple of stone tools continue to be being used, but happen to be almost completely eliminated towards metal ones.

Location: Eastern The island

Colour: Light Blue

Military Strength and Composition: The military of Keftias mostly includes town-based militia or private pads, without any central command structure. There’s not usually a standing army, however in occasions of war, all able-bodied men could be drafted into war bands. “Naval” vessels exist as transport ships that may participate in the periodic boarding when the chance comes up. Naval warfare doesn’t yet exist like a distinct concept.
Armour is light and includes a combination of cloth, leather, and copper or bronze. Shields are constructed with wood overlaid with cowhide, and they are large as well as an oblong or figure 8 shape. Weaponry includes straight-bladed swords, daggers, axes (frequently double-bitted), maces, spears, javelins, slings, and bows and arrows. Most weapons are constructed with copper, with periodic bronze pieces for individuals who are able to afford them. Horses have yet to be brought to Keftias, and thus you will find neither cavalry nor chariots.
The Keftians aren’t a warlike people. They rarely walk out their method to raid others, as well as their military is mainly for self-defence. As they do not fight among themselves or antagonize others, and since they survive a tropical isolating them from basically probably the most skilled and determined ocean raiders, the Keftians feel you don’t need to build fortifications, and many of their settlements lack a simple palisade.

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