Steps & staircases

Material: Brick Fieldstone

Brick Steps & Stone Walls: The stairs is built with McNear “Peacock” brick with bullnose steps. The stairs wall is veneered with various sizes of Fieldstone.

Material: Irregular natural stone Brick

Pilasters & Steps: Pilasters possess a veneer of random irregular gemstone shapes. The brick is made of laid having a soldier course over a stretcher course. The steps have brick risers and rounded nosing with bullnose formed brick.

Carmel Stone Steps

Carmel Stone Steps

Material: Brick Bullnose

Stone Veneer with Bullnose Steps & Pool Nosing: Patio with brick bullnose accents at pool and steps.


New treads for old stairs


dlwatib: Youtube comments: too many experts, not enough expertise!

Alexander Borsi: Sometimes you just like watching someone who knows what they are doing, doing the things they know.

demetri kavoukas: We're did you hit the stairs from thank you

Luci Venom: + matthias wandel\na beautiful job! those gaps were barely noticeable, and id be super happy to have something like this in my house. you did really well!

Andy Betson: Luci Venom paddle stairrs

billybobjoe198: The reason he ended up with the gaps on the sides was because he cut square, which he mentioned in the video. They make a tool for measuring the treads so you get the correct angles, and a perfect fit. But the reality is they're made out of wood, all wood, even engineered wood moves. He did an acceptable job even at a professional level.

Matthew Richardson: +Mattias Wandel You need your own network show.

sdiggy123: his name is poo?

Jesse Levine: sdiggy123 I love how he says it with a straight face

ImNotStalkingYou: Wow it's like a Bob Vila that I don't want to punch