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Stone stair construction is exactly what people do in the ancient occasions. They find ways within the nature, while using nature itself to create things more and better reachable. So, they create connections of stairs while using gemstones they based in the nature. To this day, people are attempting to make rustic details at home, gardens and thus, and they’re using stone for pathways and stairs too.

Stone Stair Construction

The making of the steps needs lots of experience and understanding therefore the end result is going to be strong and resistant structure. The pictures bellow are presenting skeches and schemes of creating with gemstones and just how everything ought to be collected in compact stairs. Analyse this!


Installing large stone landscape steps Part 2 Landscape construction


Andrew Johnson: What kind of leveling material did you use??  It hardens like concrete?  Thanks

Damon D'Amico: Crushed breeze!

Sheds Direct Manchester: Landscaping stones are a very quite difficult job. Showing the installation of large stone landscape steps sounds very challenging. I salute your expertise to overcome such very risky task. Nice one! 

Damon D'Amico: Thanks for watching!